Creative Writing: Cultural Artifact

Added on - Sep 2019

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The cultural artifact can be considered as a piece which is created by the humans and givesinformation on the culture of the creator and the users. The books or novels can be considered asan excellent instance of the artifacts as they contain lots of information on the culture of thecreator or the audience. Therefore, in this research, The Remains of the Day, from KazuoIshiguro, is analyzed rhetorically.The remains of the day, tells the story of Steven, who is a butler and has spent long years in hiscareer to serve a British gentleman at early 1900s (Bakshi, 2017). After doing the service forseveral years, Stevens got leave for short period and get the scope to move away from theworkplace. During the leave, the original employer of Steven passes away and the DarlingtonHall, which was the workplace of Steven, was bought by an American. After the incident, Stevenstarts revisiting the past days of his career. He starts remembering the previous days when hewas at the service of Mr. Darlington. Steven examines himself through the different facets of agreat butler and also attempts to provide himself with a rank. Steven also tries to find out thehints of love in his life.The author, focused on addressing the international audience. The novel shows how the thoughtsof an individual, who is apparently satisfied with his life and career, contradict with each otherafter an incident that changes his life (Cox, 2015). Often the individuals shape their decisionsand the activities with the help of their ideas and beliefs. However, while taking a decision on thebasis of the ideas and beliefs, the individuals often do not focus on validating those. In otherwords, often the individuals continue doing what they believe. They neither give importance onvalidating their ideas nor focus on accepting any new thought. Sticking to one single conceptonly leads to wrong decisions and it costs the individual, who is taking the decision a lot.Therefore, when an individual, who has led the life on basis of his own decision only, encounterssome new ideas, which are contradictory to the existing beliefs, goes through the episodes ofconfusion and emotional turbulences. The author, in the novel, has portrayed the emotionalturbulences, the confusion of an individual, who has spent a smooth life shaped by his ownbeliefs. When the life of the person starts to change, he finds out that he has not used a long timein his life properly.The confusion in the mind of the lead character is reflected in the novel in various ways. Thecentral character, Steven, focused on making himself as a great butler throughout the best years2
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