Cross Cultural management

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Running head:CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENTCross-cultural managementName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
1CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENTTask one: ReflectionCulture forms the fundaments of how one behaves; reacts or interacts with otherindividuals or institutions. Culture may depend on the religion or on the geographical location aperson belongs to. Culture is the manifestation of ideas, thoughts, art, literature and mannerismof an individual. Cross cultural management in an organization plays a vital role in themanagement of the resources and the work force available at the disposal of the company. It canbe defined as the study of the management of the staff and the work force in a culturalframework. It analyses and reviews the impact of societal culture on the management of abusiness organization and on the individuals working for the organization. A person’s behavior,mannerism, values, cognitive structures, and reactions are all a reflection of the culturalbackground they belong to (Ang and Van Dyne 2015).Global ethicsGlobal ethics can be defined as an ethical point of view according to which there areimportant a several ethical relations between the society and between individual, institution orgovernment living or participating in creating a society.Ethics, principles and values serve asthe backbone of any organization. There are some pre conceived notions of guideline that acompany should follow in order to operate in a culture or a society. Developing ethics based onculture is one of the areas of development for the cross-cultural management. One of the biggestcontributors to the global ethics component is the human resource. For example: Amazon is anAmerican multinational company that has several offices all over the world. Formal wear inAmerica means shirt and tailored pants or skirt for a women, but in India saree is regarded as aformal wear and hence it is important for the company to understand the fact respect it and allow
2CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENTit in the organization. And Amazon India does allow female employees to wear saree as a formaloutfit. Ethics is more than setting benchmarks for doing what is right it also has to do with whatis the smart thinking(Mach and Baruch 2015). Culture is important and vital part of the life ofmost human beings and hence it is important for corporate to respect that. It is helps the companygarner goodwill from the employee and the industry as well. Culture plays a great role duringsetting up of holidays in an organization. The company should allow holiday or give anopportunity to celebrate various kinds of festivals owning to the cultural diversity of theworkforce. Festivals are associated with emotional value of an individual and that has to behonored by a company. To gather goodwill from the industry as well as the employee’s, ethicswill be given priorities in the organization that I will set up keep in mind not to disrespectanyone’s sentiments and cultural practices.Team buildingIt is the duty of the management of the company to bring together people from diversebackground and guide them to follow the same path to achieve a same goal. It is significant andvery important for the day to day operation of the business that the employees have a meaningfulrelation among one another. It is way more important for a group to work together and efficientlythan a solo high performing individual (Jiang et al. 2016). If seen form a philosophical point ofview, gathering individuals together who belong form a completely different background, toideate and put an effort toward the same goal is what makes humans grow as a collective race.Communication is the key to team work and team building exercises motivational lectures andinspiration is very important in this case. In my business venture I would always like people towork as a team because only then will a startup be a success. A practice of tolerance and a broadmind is very important I feel for the growth of a business organization.
3CROSS-CULTURAL MANAGEMENTCommunicationCommunication is the key to any business organization’s way of operation. Theuniversally accepted language of business is English but there is a very scarce population ofpeople in the world who is able to read or write in English fluently. There are thousands ofethnicities around the world and thousand as of language that people speak. Hence it seemsunfair to deal in just one language. Depending on the nature of the business and the industry theorganization is operating in communication has to in accordance to that. For example: acompany which has to deal with a lot of middlemen, the mangers should know when to use whatlanguage with the person he or she is interacting with (Sucher and Cheung 2015). Suppose anAmerican company is operating in Spain and has to deal with a vendor who understands onlySpanish. There has to be a flexibility in the nature of how the organization operates, may be theofficial work is in English but a vernacular can be used for regular communication based on aperson’s mother tongue. Most people and experienced scholars believe that vernacular languageis going to take over English in the long run as it facilitates business and makes the operationprocess much smoother and effective. I will keep English as the language of officialcommunication but will always encourage vernacular language usage to communicate with theresources and the management as well. It creates a sense of belonging and for many it alsocreates confidence (Rode, Huang, and Flynn 2016). There are a lot of skilled and trained peoplewho cannot communicate in English especially spoken English, but the value of an employeeshould not reduce on the virtue of how he or she cannot speak in a certain language. Many argueto this fact saying that if one is in a field of operation he or she should be prepared for theprerequisites of the industry which includes English language. But language has nothing to do
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