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Crystal West-Cohen Highley LLP Lawyers 1.

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Crystal West-Cohen Highley LLP Lawyers1. Language is one important factor for maintain credibility at the work place. It enables the person to lay a strong foundation for his career. Effective and accurate communication and writing helps in person to reflect his intellect and talent in the best manner possible.2. Resume with grammatical issues and cover letters with substandard English are considered as a drawback for the applicants. The lack of ability of demonstrating maturity is reflected by such resumes. 3. Honing writing skills helps the applicant to gain a competitive advantage. The substandard English represents the lack of attention to details. A considerable amount of time is to be given while handling over the resumes and cover letters and therefore the writers must revise and recheck their work.4. Efficient writing skills helps the employees to advance further in career and depicts that he cares about the company and shares the beliefs of the company. Written and oral skills are important for representing company at a global level.

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