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Buying decision making unit of ABC Pvt LTDDecidersManaging Director ofABC Pvt LTDInfluencerLine manager of ABC Pvt LTDInitiatorsThe procurement manager of ABC Pvt LTDEnd-UsersEmployees of ABC Pvt LTDBuyerDesignated personnel of The procurement teamIntroduction:The decision making process of a customer is a complex act which is influenced by severalfactors. However, a clear understanding on the customers’ decision making process helps anorganization to realize the actual needs of their clients. As a result, they can redesign theirofferings in such way so that the products and services easily meet the needs, which in turn, keepthe organization in a more favorable position in the market in respect to its competitors. Here, thecustomers accounts of a tech start-up, which provide antivirus and other security solutions toindividual and the business-clients, are analyzed. The report mainly includes discussion on thebuying processes of customers, customer support issues and the business value. The customerprocurement issues and process to plan customer accounts are also discussed in this report.Task 1: Understanding buying practices of customersA purchase can be considered as a combined decision of several individuals who together formsthe decision making unit().In this report, the DMU of ABC Pvt LTD, one of the major businessclients of th current tech start-up, is created and analyzed. A DMU consists of several individualsincluding the decision makers, initiators, end users, influencers and buyers.3
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