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Data Warehouse
It is system that is used to report and analysis of data. It could be considered business
intelligence’s core component. Data warehouse is integrated data’s central repositories from
several disparate sources. Data warehouse stores historical and current data at one place which
are used to create analytical reports throughout enterprise for the workers (Visscher, et al., 2017).
Data stored within data warehouse could be uploaded form operational systems. Data might pass
by operational data store. It might also need data cleansing.
Data Mart
Data mart is access pattern or structure specific with environments of data warehouse,
which are used for retrieving data of client. It is data warehouse’s subset and usually is oriented
to specific business team or line. These are built by the organizations as information is in
unorganized form inside the database which makes this readily accessible. Response time of end
user could be improved by using data marts by allowing the users in having access to specific
data type which are required by them.
Data Mining
Data mining is process to discover pattern within huge data sets, which involved methods
at intersection of statistics, database systems and machine learning. It is interdisciplinary subfield
for statistics and computer science with overall goal to extract the information from set of data as
well as transforms the information in understandable structure (Tan, Steinbach & Kumar, 2016).
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