Information Security Management Reflection


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dateWhat I learntWeek1In the first week we were introduced to information security management principles. The main principle behind the ISMS is that there should be a one stop shop for all information pertinent to the assurance of information within an organization.Week2In the second week we were introduced to web security and I learnt web security is a branch of information that deals specifically with security of websites, web applications and web serviesWeek3We learnt of academic writing which builds on what others have previously done and thought about your subjectWeek4Reading weekWeek5we were introduced to Hyper Text markup language which is used to creates documents on the world web webWeek6HTML code ensures the proper formatting of text and images so that your internet browser may display them as they are intended to lookWeek7Design is the application of intent – the opposite ofhappenstance and an antidote to accident
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