Decision Making of Management

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Decision Making of Management

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Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:#The effect of Balanced Scorecards on Decision Making of Management.StronglyDisagreeNeutralAgreeStronglyAgree1Using balanced score card to determine performance adds value to the business.123452Strategic decision making will enhance the balanced scorecard function.123453Using the Balanced Scorecards to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the decision process.123454Using the Balanced Scorecards to controlor shape the decision process.123455Balanced Scorecards has been modified to suit the organization.123456The use of the Balanced Scorecard has greatly improved service delivery to customers.123457The balanced Scorecard is a useful tool that enhances the incentive system123458The employees are motivated to attain theirTargets.123459With the use of balanced Scorecard customer complaints are reduced.1234510Using Balanced Scorecards encourages employeeTraining.1234511Using the Balanced Scorecard improves service quality.1234512The effect of Balanced scorecards is evident in the financialgrowth of the organization.12345Section 1: Balanced Scorecards and
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