The impact of Covid 19 in the Mauritius Banking sector


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Demographic information:
Working status
Part time ()
Full time ()
On commission basis ()
Around 50,500 MUR
Between 50,500 to 10,500 MUR
Between 10,500 to 15,500 MUR
Above 15,500 MUR
How long you are working in bank?
Last 1 year
2-3 year
3-5 years
More than 5 year
Trend exists in of banking sector due to COVID-19: Do you agree with the following
statements or not?
Agree Strongly
Neutral Disagree Strongly
Banking units are
streamlining their
operations by
closing unprofitable
branches due to
Facing issues in

relation to loosing
confidence due to
cybersecurity and
privacy risk
Effect of COVID-19 on both financial and non-financial performance of banking sector: Please
specify the extent to which do you agree with the following aspects;
Changes in working attitude
Agree Strongly
Neutral Disagree Strongly
Reduction in workforce
Decrease in quality of
work due to changes in
working procedure
(Work from home)
Decrease in employee
motivation and efforts
towards working
Decrease in team
comprehension and
productivity during
Work-life balance
Agree Strongly Neutral Disagree Strongly

agree disagree
Long work hours
adversely affected work
life balance and
employee satisfaction
during COVID
Work-life imbalance
occurs due to rise in
mental health and work
related stress
Changes in working environment and process: Please specify to what extent do you agree
with the following statements:
Agree Strongly
Neutral Disagree Strongly
Decrease in both
customer confidence and
consumption level
Reduction in customer
Banking units start
placing high emphasis on
confidentiality aspects
for minimizing risks
pertaining to
cybersecurity, privacy
and fraud

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