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DEMAND OF FAST FOODName of the student:Name of the university:
IntroductionA fast food restaurant or quick servicerestaurant refers to the specific type offood delivered within a short span of timeand there is lesser table service than afine dining restaurant.It is a popular service in all parts of theworld and Australia is no exception. Fastfood was always on demand due to itseasy availability within very less time.
Eating out habits in AustraliaThe trend of eating out is continuing fora long time in Australia. They were alwaysin favor of visiting clubs, pubs, restaurantsand fast food outlets and it is rapidlyincreasing.The market of café and bars are gainingmore share in the market than othersectors in Australia.
Continued...The total population of Australia isapproximately 24 million and reports havesuggested that on an average, they eat twice orthrice a week.This figure sums up to an average of 50 mealseaten out every week by the Australians whichrounds up to 2.5 billion every year.
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