Implementing a Technology Solution for Trusty Carpets


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Determine and submit a solution to the Business Problem. Use the format below:-Describe the solution-Describe the major benefits and the extent to which it solves the problems identified in Section II (Business Problem)-Identify the major cost elements and provide an estimated cost for the solution-Discuss the general feasibility of the solution – whether or not it is feasible and thereasoningbehind the statements-Identify the top three risks (organizational, financial, IT, etc.)-Describe the major defining issues – things that would make it a less desirable solution than the proposed solution, or, in the case of the proposed solution, why it is the best alternative in general.Business Problem: The core business problem facing Trusty Carpets is how to effectively merge all sales and customer components of the business into one united operation with aligned strategies and goals. There are three primary components of the business: the Trusty Carpets store, the Metro Carpets store, and Mike’s carpet installation business. All components have separate sales, customer services, and customers. Reasons as to why this problem exists include the following:There is no core communication or an IT system connecting these components together.Metro Carpets is a new acquisition and, as such, is still undergoing renovation.Mike’s carpet installation business is still a completely separate business with a different business model.There is no defined vision on how to unite these separate components.The business strategy greatly depends on how these components work together in unison to generate the most revenue. In order to create a successful business strategy, all critical components of the business must be known; otherwise, the new business strategy will have no real direction for implementation. The elements of this problem include the following:IT infrastructureCommunication networks
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The CEO – Jerry Montgomery: his decisions on budgetary allowance and business strategyThe bottom line of the businessThe distance between the Trusty Carpets store and the Metro Carpets storeMike’s business strategy vs. Jerry’s business strategyThe needs of the customer baseThe carpet supplier IT maintenance personnelThe problem of having the three identified business components not working as a single unit has a significant impact on the business’s bottom line, culture, and overall operational efficiency. With no coresystem in place, the 3 components may be using incompatible hardware or software. This would have serious operational problems, for it could interfere with overall communication efforts and data analysis. Culturally, the effect of no core system impacts the employees’ awareness of their role in the overall business chain. The most consequential impact of having no core system regards the bottom line,so with no such system in operation, the business lacks the ability to track its total growth, process sales across the two stores, and manage its operations efficiently. The timeframe in which this problem can be solved depends on the amount of commitment from Mr. Montgomery and the time it takes to complete a business operations review, analysis, and installation ofthe system. If full buy-in is obtained from Mr. Montgomery, the timeframe for solving the problem would likely range from 60 days to 120 days.The reason why this problem was selected is because it is the most critical problem facing the business right now. It is also the one that, if solved, will result in the biggest gain in productivity which translates into more revenue. Unifying the different business components with a CRM solution will resolve several other issues simultaneously, such as, the company’s inventory management, sales processing, and profitmargins.
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