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Developing Strategy for Event Management

Notes on developing and implementing marketing strategies, including considerations for economic climate, risk factors, and brainstorming ideas.

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Added on  2022-12-30

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This article discusses the development of a marketing strategy for event management, using the example of Tomorrowland music festival. It covers various strategies such as customer journey, storytelling, community building, innovation, and more. It also analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the festival, as well as the external factors affecting its marketing. The article concludes with a discussion on the marketing strategies employed by LiveStyle, the event management company behind Tomorrowland.

Developing Strategy for Event Management

Notes on developing and implementing marketing strategies, including considerations for economic climate, risk factors, and brainstorming ideas.

   Added on 2022-12-30

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Developing Strategy for Event Management.
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Developing Strategy for Event Management_1
Developing strategy for Event Management1
Assessment 2
Part A
LiveStyle happens to be one of the largest producer of music events in the world. It
has a wide range of boasting properties that does live music events. It also promotes and
produces both multiday and single festivals of music all across Europe, North America, South
America, Asia and Australia. The entities of North America include events like React
Presents, Made Event, Life In Color and Disco Donnie Presents. Along with that, it arranges
brands and music festivals like Spring Awakening, Electric Zoo and so on. The company in
Europe organizes events like AMFAMFAMF, BLNK CBVS and LIC MIAMI. In Brazil, it
owns an entity called PlusNetwork that produces vast successful events like Tomorrowland
that happens once in a year at different places each year all across the globe. It is a music tour
where international acclaimed artists and DJs come together. In Tommorowland organization
at Belgium, LiveStyle introduced the festival of Tomorrowland and promoted it in South
America for the first time. LiveStyle pursues working the organization of Tomorrowland at
Belgium as the international partner for bringing Tomorrowland into territories that are new
mostly outside Europe. The company also has its own Beatport that is the platform of e-
commerce for the producers, DJs and fans of music and dance. It also helped in launching the
careers of the renowned underground artist who define the global culture of music now. The
headquarters of LiveStyle is located in CA with the offices in NYC, Los Angeles, Denver,
Chicago, Netherlands, Australia and Asia (livestyle, 2019.)
Internal Base
This music festival, like other events, happens to be a product which goes through a lifecycle.
The music festival of Tomorrowland has gone via its foundation stage and the lifecycle of an
Developing Strategy for Event Management_2
Developing strategy for Event Management2
introductory stages and themes. It can be predicted that maybe after a span of time, festival of
Tomorrowland might reach its stage of maturity and the sells might start to decrease. The
fairy tale like decorations and a signature design with dynamic theme each year that aims to
provide an experience to its attendees who go through a sensation of escaping reality (Laing
and Mair, 2015.) Festivals like Tomorrowland tend to usually bring humans from different
countries together by using the most powerful words that is of music. The customer base of
Tomorrowland ranges from the age of 18 to 30 (da Cunha Brandao and Oliveria, 2019.)
For effective Marketing, Tomorrowland has always been using strategies that could improve
its experience in a better way each year. Looking at the past and current strategy of this
festival, the event management company structured few strategies. They are:
Customer Journey: The festival of Tomorrowland happens to be an end-to-end safari.
The event organizers begins to prepare the safari months back before its main date. At
the last day of the journey, the episode or occurrence ends with after-vie that triggers
every attendees to come again for the next event.
Storytelling: Content Plan: The music festival of Tomorrowland elaborates a plan for
whole content describing the event. It also goes a step ahead by letting its visitors do
storytelling too and encouraging them to share their own content (St John, 2015.)
Community Building: The festivals just does not build its customers, it builds fans
who are loyal. They are called the people of Tomorrow.
Community management (Social Media): In today’s digital world, the event company
of LiveStyle makes sure to engage and update its fans on social media platforms like
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.
Innovation: During and before the event, innovative services and products get
available like a music box consisting bracelets, case of treasure and also cashless
festivals in which things are paid with virtual pearls (Park, 2016.)
Developing Strategy for Event Management_3
Developing strategy for Event Management3
Special PR Technique: The event managers here does not offers great communication
deals. Rather it does not revels every particular thing associated with Tomorrowland
at once. This is a strategy to hook their fans and make them more curios. It also gives
opportunities for multi Medias. Every Tomorrowland press release comes with special
buzz and speculation.
Yesterday is history-Today is a gift-Tomorrow is a mystery: This translates to the
loyalty of fans who experience a journey with delight and surprises.
SWOT Analysis
Like every other company, LiveStyle also has its own strengths, weaknesses, threats and
opportunities. They are as follows:
Brand: The festival of Tomorrowland comes up along with products that the
customers or fans can purchase from the festival. It can be both used during festival
and also for future use. Purchasing souvenirs is also available (Curran, 2018.)
Best Logistics and employees: The employees of this music festival are experienced
already from previous festivals across the globe. They are extremely skilled
employees that follows the briefing of the company and implement their skill set
Location: The festival was first introduced at Boom in Belgium. It continued in
Belgium from then on but later expanded to various parts of world mainly in Brazil
and The United States.
USP (Unique Selling Proposition): The festival has been developing since its
appearance into the industry. The USP of this festival is the innovation and variety it
offers to the attendees (Facon, 2015.)
Developing Strategy for Event Management_4

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