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Portfolio 4PART A: JUSTIFICATION1.Describe an example where you used listening and verbal communication skills effectively (1 mark).I was working on the project of development of captcha as the graphical password forwebsites. While working on the project, I came across a situation where I needed inputs fromone of the security professionals to understand security measures better and use the inputs toguide my entire team to proceed with the work. At this point, as I had to sufficiently transferthe knowledge, I needed to be both a good listener so that I do not miss out on the points ofthe senior and a good communicator to effectively explain what I had learnt to the team.2.How did you use reading skills to effectively develop an academic document? Provide an example (1 mark).I read through a large number of documents on the subject of security and used myobservation to capture insights. The captured information was to be critically analysed inorder create an academic literature review which needed me to not just read one view butmultiple views of multiple authors son the same subject. A lot of security related literaturewas easily available where there were quite a few documents talking about the use of captchafor security. To make my reading fast, I used skimming such that I read only the mostimportant pieces of information in a document rather than doing a complete in-depthexploration of the studies. My approach was to skim a document and make notes alongsideand then I would move to a new document and see if it something new to say, if samemethods have been explained, I would add to the notes and go ahead to the next documentreading. I kept reading until the point I was able to make a good sense of the complete subjectand then I combined all my findings in my critical analysis.3.Provide an example of using your teamwork skills and interpersonal skills in this unit. Provide specific examples for each skill set. (1 mark).I am a team player and I used this skill to help our project team in task completion withcollaboration. I would discuss and take important decisions for task performance during myteam exposure. I could connect to the team members very well and was good in coordinatingwith them. For the development of my interpersonal skills, I had taken an experience ofworking collboratively on the project with other team members exploring the same subject ofcaptcha security and completed the work effectively.4.Provide an example of an assessment task or an activity in this unit that helped you to understand ethical behaviours, and/or social, privacy and legal aspects within the ICT domain. (1 mark).Research has helped be understand the ethical considerations and guided me to follow theprinciples that were required as I had involved people for giving inputs that even included

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