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Child Growth & Development PDF

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Added on  2020-05-16

Child Growth & Development PDF

   Added on 2020-05-16

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1CHILDCAREIntroduction The development and growth of a child is heavily dependent on the surrounding and theenvironment the child is nurtured in. There are several stages in the development of a childduring the early stage that is the infancy is the time of rapid growth both physically andcognitively the child grows in a fast pace. The first five years are the time when the maximumgrowth takes place this is the time a child learns to interact communicate and developrelationship with the people around the child (Vogl 2015). Development of a child includesphysical growth, as well as their capability to learn and adapt to the social, emotional, behavior,thinking and communication skills. These skills are interconnected and one helps in thedevelopment of another. The role of the early year’s practitioner is crucial in the development ofa child as they are the people around the children during the time of their learning and adaptingto the society and surroundings (Racz et al. 2017). The role of the early year’s practitioner when promoting child developmentCognitive developmentAccording to Psychologist Jean Piaget, there are four stages of a child’s cognitive development;depending on the age of child the practitioner should understand what is required for the childand what extra information is (Vogl 2015). In the first stage that is the first two years of the life achild learns with the help of their senses, therefore the practitioner should encourage and help thechild in developing the senses with the help of touch, sight smell etc. similarly, the next stageform Ages 2 through 7 memory and imagination is developed hence the role of the practitionerhere is more of a teacher and educator (Racz et al. 2017).
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2CHILDCARESpeech, language and communication developmentCommunication is one of the most important aspect of an individual’s life, hence the forthe development of communication the practitioner should continuously communicate with thechild with the help of speech, body language, gesture; so that the child can understand thereference and relevance and use the words or gestures in the future appropriately. Games andrecreational activities should be planned in order to develop the language skills andcommunication skills of the children (Vogl 2015). Physical developmentPhysical development in a child in the first few years is rapid and crucial for the future ofthe child. In order to ensure that this development and growth is in constant progression apractitioner should make sure that the milestone list is maintained. Physical development notonly means growth it also means control of the body. Physical activities in outdoor games shouldbe involved in daily schedule, the surrounding of the child should be safe and they should beencouraged to walk and play. Nutrition is another important aspect in this case the practitionershould take of the child’s food practices (Hsin and Felfe 2014). Social and emotional developmentA child learns whatever he or she sees and experiences around him or her. Thedevelopment of a child in the early years shapes the personality of the child in the future as well.A practitioner should always be amiable and affectionate towards the child and should alwaysencourage the child to learn and experience new surroundings and be with new people (Vogl2015). For example the child should be given on opportunity to play with other children. Thechild should be exposed to various kinds of emotions and feelings in order to understand and
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