Biology Assignment- Diffusion and Osmosis

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Running Head- Diffusion, and OsmosisBiologyTopic- Difference between Diffusion and OsmosisIntroductionDiffusion and osmosis are studies related to the science of plant and animals. It is the study ofcells and its particles which comes under botanical studies. Botanical science is one of the majorbranches of biology like zoology and others. Botany is a scientific and systematic study ofplants. In botanical studies, one will be able to understand the structure of plant cells and how itworks.Diffusion and Osmosis BriefCells are living things and hence needs some required essential nutrient to stay alive for a longerperiod of time. Cells also need to throughout the waste. There are mainly two methods whichallow a substance to move across the membrane of the cell. Most importantly, there are only twotypes of transport/ movement that is active transport and passive transport. Passive transport doesnot require energy to move the water and molecules whereas active transport requires the use ofenergy in order to move the water and molecules. Passive and active transport are common asdiffusion and osmosis in the biological term. It is purely related to the study of plant and animalswhich highlight the movement of water and molecules. In layman, language osmosis is a state ora process where diffusion of water in a selective membrane happen from the region of moredilute towards the high concentration region. Whereas diffusion is a state or process wheremolecules tend to feast out evenly, from the region of high concentration towards the region oflow concentration.Career opportunity in Botanical science filedIn today's scenarios, there are a lot of opportunities for professional and student in the field ofbotanical science. It is because botanical science is one of the science fields which is highlyemerging and gaining great importance in the global world. Hence, the student can getthemselves enrolled in the botanical courses and may earn huge salaries. It is to notify that, thereis numerous association who look for the candidate who did the botanical course form therecognized educational institution. Study of plant and its importance are very important in
1Change Managementtoday's scenario and hence a student can make their future bright and prosper in the coming daysin the botanical field. As we move to the present era we find that science and technology are atthe boom. In science botanical science is one of the most prominent and emerging fields.Major Difference between Osmosis and DiffusionDiffusion and osmosis define the process of water movement and water act as a solvent. Indiffusion both the molecules such as solvent as well as solute particles move freely from highconcentration area towards low concentration area. Whereas in osmosis only solvent moleculesmove freely from low concentration area towards high concentration area. In simple, the wordonly solvent molecules can cross the membrane in osmosis whereas both solvent, as well assolute molecules, cross the membrane in diffusion. Moreover, we can say that osmosis is themovement of water molecules towards membrane but in diffusion, there is no need of anymembrane as in diffusion molecules does not need any energy to move from the highconcentration area towards low concentration area. Most importantly both osmosis, as well asdiffusion, occurs in animals and plants. Osmosis is very crucial for the survival of an organism.It is because of osmosis help in controlling the balance of water between the cell membrane andits near surrounding. It is to highlight that osmosis and diffusion both happen when moisture isavailable in both the cases. Diffusion and Osmosis is one of the emerging concepts of biology.Nowadays it gains significant importance in the field of biology. Most importantly both the termthat is diffusion and osmosis is used to define and describe the movement of water from the cellmembrane. Moreover, in simple words diffusion as well as osmosis is always referred to as themovement of water. However, diffusion is defined as a process of movement of water andmolecules from a high concentration area towards the low concentration area. Whereas Osmosisis a process of water movement from a low concentration area towards the high concentrationarea. Most importantly, osmosis, as well as diffusion, holds great importance in the field ofbiology and botanical science.Importance of osmosis and diffusionDiffusion and osmosis play a vital role in making the human kidney, plant and animal alive andfunctioning. The main importance of the diffusion is that diffusion is essential for almost all theorganism as diffusion supply and control vital substance to the body in a way to make the bodyalive. Whereas the main importance of the osmosis is that keeps a balance between inside
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