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Dissertation Outline Working titleA Study on Critical Success Factors of Customer Satisfaction in RetailBanking: Bank of XXX Singapore Branch Personal BankingIntroduction, problem setting, aim and objectivesIntroduction: Will introduce the bank roles, bank situation and competition in Singapore market, and a brief company profile for Bank of XXX Singapore branch.Aim/Purpose: The purpose of this study is to analyse the customer satisfaction levelof Bank of XXX Singapore branch Personal Banking. Will explore the critical successfactors thataffect their customer satisfaction level and find out what can be improved. Also, this study will have a further understanding about customers’ need for bank service.Objectives: The study is aimed at investigating:1)The current customer satisfaction level of Bank of XXX Singapore Branch personal banking;2)The critical success factors that influence customer satisfaction level for Bank of XXX Singapore Branch personal banking;3)The correlation relationship between these factors (independent variables) and the overall satisfaction (dependent variables).Literature Reviews:Customer satisfaction provides an essential link between cumulative purchase and post-purchase phenomena in terms of attitude change, repeat purchase and brand loyalty (Churchill & Surprenant, 1982).Service quality has a positive influence on customer satisfaction (Yee et al., 2010). Service quality can be defined as meeting the needs and expectations of the customer (Smith, 1998).There are various literatures examine factors affecting customer satisfactions such as:Arasli, Smadi and Katircioglu (2005) found that reliability had the highest impact on customer satisfaction;The definition of service quality can be extended to the overall evaluation of a specific service with ten service quality dimensions: tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, competence, courtesy, credibility, security, access, communication and understanding/knowing the customer (Parasuraman, et al., 1988). (You may want to add more literature reviews here)MethodologyThere are various methods used in collecting data for analysis. In this survey, we use

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