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Slide 1Slide 2There are various training schemeswhichthatGovernment of UKis supportingsupports in orderin training peopleto trainpeoplewho are on thejoboroff the jobtrainee.Followingare the trainings schemes:*CPD (ContinuousProfessional Development):Mainly, Authorities supportsCPD schemes to learncontinuously from varioussources. Person can get varioustype of knowledge of automobile industry regardingengines of vehicle with the helpof this approach. Continuousprofessional developmentprovides diversifiedinformation tothetheindividualperson.*CMI (Charted ManagementInstitute): Charteredmanagement institute also givesgood knowledge regardingleadership, personalities traitscharacteristics development andcommunication skill to personintheUK. This program alsohelps the individual to get
selected in theselection inAutomobile company.Slide 3There are various roles thatGovernment of UKplayplaysinconducting various trainingprograms and enhancing theskills and abilities of employedand unemployed people.*Government of UK also playimportant rolein promotingtopromotethis schemes forfresherfresher'sand employees.Mainly, authorities also spendsmany monetaryfundsintoadvertisement for creatingawarenessin individualsinindividuals.*It alsodesignsdesignmanytraining programs for jobseekers at various placesinofUnited Kingdom whichprovides good informationlevelregarding lifelong developmentof person.Slide 4*Competency movement forpublic sector:There are manyproblems which impactsdevelopment actions. Publicsectorhas no inner linkbetween departmentsdue topoor discipline in personnelfunction. Another disadvantageis that strategic flexibilityis notdoes notappropriate in subdivisions.*Competency movement forPrivate sector:GenerallyPprivate sector is increasing in
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