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Document on Job Enrichment

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Added on  2020-02-23

Document on Job Enrichment



   Added on 2020-02-23

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Running head: Job enrichment 1Human resource managementJob enrichment is simply a management technique
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Job enrichment 21. Job enrichment is simply a management technique to get people to work harder for the same pay.Job enrichment is a medium to motivate employees of the organization by assigning themextra responsibility normally reserved for upper level employees. It encourages the enthusiasm of the employee and they feel importance to the company. Job enrichment is the technique of jobwhich helps in job enlargement. It is considered as an attempt to motivate the employees by giving them a chance to utilize their abilities in an effective manner. Job enrichment is an idea was promoted by American psychologist Frederick Hertzberg in the 1950s. It is the way enhancecontrasted job enlargement to increase the amount of tasks without changing the challenge. It hasbeen described as vertical loading of a job on the other hand job enlargement is considered as horizontal loading (Fried, Laurence, Shirom, Melamed, Toker, Berliner & Shapira, 2013). Job enrichment is the way to encourage employees by provide them number of responsibility and variety in their task it will enhance their productivity appropriately. It has been analyzed that many employers believe that money is the only element to motivate the employees to enlarge thejob. While that thinking was true only for a small group of people. Job enrichments are the procedure which helps employees to have more control in their planning and accomplish the taskwithin time frame. It encourages employees to perform in an efficient way to attain a natural desire and make them feel that they are the part of the company team. It is rightly said that the job enrichment is a simply management technique to get people to work harder for the same pay. It has been stated by Parker, (2014), it is a technique which enhances the decision making authority of the employees. It enlarges the job by providing the challenging task to the employees so that they can prove themselves in an efficient way and make able to increase their confidence. Job enrichment is the management technique which helps
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Job enrichment 3not to only motivate the employees but also helps the organization to attain the selected goals within time frame by utilizing the employees in an efficient manner. According to Herzberg, an enriched job has characteristics such as direct feedback, client relationship, new learning, unique experience, control over resources, direct communication authority, personal accountability and scheduling own work (Smith & Shields, 2013). Due to enriched job employees of the organization can get direct feedback of their performance and they should be able to get immediate information of the outcome they are attaining. In the characteristic of client relationship, employee can serve effective services to client directly and maintain the health client relationship. An enriched job is able to provide the more learning ton the employees. Job enrichment is the technique which allows employee to schedule own work. Deciding when to tackle which task is the instance of self scheduling. An enriched job has the unique feature in comparison of another job. The most effective characteristic of job enrichment is that employees have own control on their costs, expenses and task. Employee of the organization is able to communicate directly to them who use their output. Personal accountability exists in the job enrichment which allows employer to blame on their poor work and appraise on their good work.By providing the freedom to their employees in their work, methods, pace and sequence and increase the responsibility of the employees, employer can enrich the job. Job enrichment is the very useful techniques in an organization. the advantages of job enrichment within an organizations are enhanced the interest in job of employees, reduce the rateof absenteeism and turnover, provide opportunities to growth in self realization, task enforcement, job satisfaction, enhance the qualitative and quantitative improvement and creative job (Duffield, Baldwin, Roche & Wise, 2014). These are the advantageous factor of job enrichment. It has been found in many places that the employees of the organization gets fed up
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