Work Ready Skills on Self-reflection

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Running head: WORK READY SKILLSName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1WORK READY SKILLS Self-reflectionAccording to me while preparing for a particular task of making a career plan we need toidentify or skills, what we have and are the skills that we need to develop within us. There are setof skills that are required for the efficiency of any task that we perform. The skills can begrouped in, technical skills and other allied skills that are not directly related to the tasks but doaffect the efficiency of the tasks. Technical skills can be learned through the training and development, while working forany particular tasks the authorities usually provide training to the employees so that their skillscan be enhanced and they can perform the tasks in a better way with maximum effectiveness. Ihave learned the technical skills through training and development. For example to have anextensive knowledge of computer related skills I have attended classes for computer so that Ican learn and develop my computer knowledge that are often useful for various online tasks andwill also be beneficial in the future (Jackson 2015). The other skills that I want to develop, so that I can perform the tasks efficiently are,advanced knowledge of computer applications, especially, Microsoft Excel and MicrosoftAccess, among other skills I have decided to learn French. For Advanced Excel and MicrosoftAccess knowledge, I have decided to get a private tutor who would teach me both MicrosoftExcel and Access. The duration of the course is six months, after that I will take classes forFrench language. The duration of that course would be one year. I will develop managementskills in me so that it can be beneficial for me. The managerial skill that are required for anorganization are, leadership skills, good communication skills, problem solving skills, decisionmaking skills, interpersonal skills, critical thinking skills and team work related skills Lussier
2WORK READY SKILLS and Achua 2015). Management skills are very essential for an organization because it ensuresthat there is perfect coordination in the tasks, among the employees, among the employees andthe management. If the managerial skills used effectively while performing any task then there isa chance that the results will be very positive and the task will be successful. Managerial skillsare such skills that are required in every task (Field 2017).Self-assessmentThrough self-assessment, I have identified my skills; this assessment was very usefulbecause it helped me indentifying my strengths and weaknesses. After identification of myexisting skills and the skills that are needed to be developed I can use my strengths in gettingpositive results in the tasks and develop my weaknesses so that I so that it do not becomehindrance while I perform. Like every individuals I also have certain good attributes, which aremy strengths and negative attributes. The strengths I have contribute in my success and theweaknesses I have often become a major constraint while performing tasks. Strengths- According to me I am a very responsible person, I realize my responsibilities in bothprofessional and personal life. I am a quick learner; learning new things have always excited me.I have taken great pleasure in learning new subjects and finding extra information about anyparticular topic, other than what has been taught in the class. I like reading book, mostlyinformational books, this has helped me in gaining knowledge. I daily read informational booksto gain knowledge, so I think I am very knowledgeable and hence according to me it is one ofmy strengths. Writing skill is one my strong point, my written communication is very strong andI have been writing small essays on various topics daily. My oral communication is also very

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