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System Design - MIS 605 | Assignment

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Park University


Systems Analysis and Design (MIS605)


Added on  2020-03-04

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The proper functionality of three phases will define this document: input, processing, and output. The design of a website is very important. The paper also covers the following topics: analysis and evaluation of the internet site, critical evaluation of the site, and redesigning the interface to improve usability.

System Design - MIS 605 | Assignment


Park University


Systems Analysis and Design (MIS605)

   Added on 2020-03-04

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System Design 1SYSTEM DESIGNStudent NameCourse TitleProfessorName of the InstitutionCity and StateDate
System Design - MIS 605 | Assignment_1
System Design 2Justification for the costA system consists of all the process involved in manipulating data to give desirable output. Thus,a system can be defined by the proper functionality of three phases; input, processing and output.A website is largely determined by its design. Thus it is important to seek the services of a consultancy firm website design to ensure that you get a design that meets customer needs and preferences. As the person in charge of the website design, I have the following justification for cost of this project.My company will be charging you a daily rate of £650/day. Although this looks expensive,I can assure you that it is worth the project. I have helped many businesses to develop and design their websites. From the feedback I have gotten, I have established that it is undisputable that there is a project that is worth the cost; this is one of them. Secondly, based on the different website building software and tools available, I have a clear understanding of the elements that will enable the website be more efficient, effective and profitable. This will save you from hidden technical and financial costs which resultfrom poorly developed websites. Analysis and evaluation of the internet siteThe usability of a project is measured by its ability to make things enjoyable and easy for clients and staff. A website usability specification provides testable requirements for verification of its operating functions. Just like any other User-Centered Design (UCD) systems, the focus in website designs the users[ CITATION Nur16 \p 38 \l 1033 ].
System Design - MIS 605 | Assignment_2
System Design 3Usability goalsSearch engine: The website should be coded with perfect search engine optimization.Full contact details: It should give information on how to reach the company.A link for placing orders online: Navigation: It should have a navigation bar containing links to home page, product list and contact list.Home page: Provide a summary of company products.Visual design: It should be formatted in fonts and colors that make it attractive. Graphics, attractivenessAccessibility: It should comply with World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative.Valid code: It should be in line with World Wide Web ConsortiumSite Map: It should show the structure of the site and links available on it. To establish user experience of the website, I conducted a survey on 5 people who usedthe website and they addressed the following:The website is good but missing some usability elements that can make it better. First and foremost example, it lacks a well designed logo giving identity to the internet site at a glance. Secondly, the statement of purpose is too long. It can be shortened for easier understanding. Thirdly, it lacks a search input box that enables users to conduct aquick search for an item on the site. Consequently, most users complained of being frustrated with the process of looking throughout the website to identify what they
System Design - MIS 605 | Assignment_3

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