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The quality of a website as a communication tool

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Added on  2021-05-31

The quality of a website as a communication tool

   Added on 2021-05-31

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IntroductionWebsites are communication tools; they are developed top provide information, and in many cases, enable engagement and even to facilitate transactions. In a way, websites have taken over some of the roles that were played by media such as magazines, albeit in an electronic form. The design of websites must follow certain concepts and principles, just like the design of a house. This is because the website will interact with people, and concepts that underlie the human computer interface principles, ease of use, navigation, and visual as well as functional appeal are all critical in the design of a website. A well designed website must have certain features that include being easy to navigate and use, functional in that it serves its intended purpose, have relevant content (this is linked to its functionality), modern (for instance being dynamic based on web 2.0 concept), optimized to work in different devices and browsers, responsive such that it changes its layout to meet the constraints of the device used to access it, and be reliable. Other features of a good website include performance and speed; the website must load fast enough, even when there are many users accessing it at the same time. A good website must also be scalable and be secure. In this paper, the national Geographic Australia website (found at i=s evaluated and reviewed. The evaluation will be based on the features inherent in a good website based on the practical use and navigation of the website. The findings will be discussed and recommendations given on areas where improvements can be made, before a conclusion is drawn DiscussionsA website may be a public application that sometimes targets any variety of users. If you’re building an internet site, you would like to create positive you build one thing that's likeable and usable. during this article, I cite high ten characteristics an honest web site should possess.Functionality A website is meant to serve a purpose, typically to resolve a tangle. as an example, employment board incorporates a purpose wherever employers will post jobs and job seekers will notice and apply for jobs. Once applied, there ought to be the simplest way for candidates and employers to speak and carry on sofar with employment application. If you build employment board and it solely permits you to post jobs, that’s not enough.EasinessA website ought to be simple to use and navigate. Once users visit your web site, do they notice the knowledge they're searching for, while not struggling? Will your web site offer simple navigation to leap from one page to a different and go back?Relevant Content You do not need to place content on a web site that's not relevant to the users. You are doing not need to place automotive details on employment board. If your web site may be a job board, it ought to have content associated tips associated with being a decent candidate like the way to produce an expert
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resume and the way to behave in an interview. You are doing not need to post regarding cars or sports on employment board.ModernityYou want to create positive your web site is mistreatment current trends and technologies. you are doing not need to make a web site that doesn't support today’s desires. as an example, responsiveness and fluid internet styles square measure the key necessities for contemporary websites. you are doing not need to make fastened page layouts for your web site that doesn’t support mobile readability.OptimizationYour web site and its content ought to be optimized for various devices, browsers, data speed, search engines, and users. If your web site isn't optimized for mobile knowledge users and their transfer speed, users could leave your web site. If your web site doesn't support common fashionable browsers, you willbe missing out on some users. If your web site isn't optimized for fashionable smartphones and their sizes, users might not need to go to your web site.ResponsivenessResponsive internet style may be a fashionable would like. A responsive web site changes its layout and choices to suit the device and browser size. As an example, a web site could offer a lot of choices on an oversized laptop monitor compared to on a mobile.Speed and PerformanceDoes your web site load quick enough to point out guests what they're trying for? Your web site can’t beslow once presenting content to its guests. If your web site takes quite 2 seconds to load, it's most likely too slow.ReliabilityIs your web site reliable? If I apply for employment, will your web site send ME on-time notifications andmessages to stay me denote with the updates? am i able to access your web site whenever and wherever? Is your web site up and running 24/7?ScalabilityDo you have decent infrastructure to support your web site and its guests? A web site ought to be ready to scale to variety of potential visitors. Not solely ought to the website's program be scalable however the back-end info, APIs, and services too ought to be ready to scale.Security Security may be a major concern to today’s internet guests. You would like to create positive that your web site follows trade standards and pointers. As an example, if you've got user registration feature, youwish to create positive that user passwords square measure encrypted and not displayed in plain text.
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You furthermore may need to confirm that the web site is secure and uses SSL cryptography. If you’ve forgotten a positive identification feature, you are doing not need to produce a reset positive identification feature while not asking the protection inquiries to the user.A website should be visually appealing, polished and skilled. Remember, it's reflective your company, your merchandise and your services. Your web site is also the primary, and only, impression a possible client receives of your company.An attractive website is much a lot of possible to come up with a positive impression and keep guests onyour site once they arrive. As businesses giant and tiny still populate the net, your challenge is to draw inand keep users' attention. concepts like this square measure what PR professionals listen to stay their businesses roaring.Guidelines sensible use of color: AN acceptable combination can contain a pair of or three primary colours that mixwell and build a correct mood or tone for your business. do not exaggerate the colour, because it will distract from the written content. Text that's simply scan: the foremost simply read combination is black text on a white background, however several alternative color mixtures square measure acceptable if the distinction is inside AN acceptable vary. Use fonts that square measure straightforward to scan and square measure found on most of today's pc systems. looking on your audience. Keep font size for paragraph text between ten and twelve pts. important graphics: Graphics square measure necessary, as they lend visual selection ANd attractiveness to an otherwise boring page of text. However, do not over-use them, and confirm that add that means or context to your written content. Don’t overload anybody page with over three or fourpictures. Quality photography: an easy thanks to increase visual attractiveness is to use prime quality photography. prime quality product pictures square measure particularly necessary for on-line retailers. Simplicity: Keep it easy and permit for adequate white house. tidy layouts enable viewers to specializein your message. do not overload your website with excessively complicated style, animation, or alternative effects simply to impress your viewers.Along with vogue, your website should have substance. keep in mind that your audience is trying to find info that may facilitate them create a choice, thus it ought to be informative and relevant. Use this chance to extend visitant confidence in your company's data and competency.Guidelines Short and arranged copy: Clearly label topics and break your text up into tiny paragraphs. do not bore your guests with visually overwhelming text. you have but ten seconds to hook your guests, thus grab their attention by being clear, laconic and compelling.
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