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Running Head: SPEECH PATHOLOGY1Speech Pathology(Student’s Name)(Institutional Affiliation)
SPEECH PATHOLOGY2Speech PathologySpeech Pathologists are expected to professionally engage in various platforms with their clients, employers, as well as their clients’ significant others. These workers are expected to be competent in their jobs to provide the best results. There are certain standards that these workers are supposed to uphold (Ho, Whitehill, & Ciocca, 2014). For entry levels, speech pathologists are expected to show that they are competent in all the units relating to pediatric as well as adult speech pathology of the competency based occupational standards (CBOS). These areas consist of the language, the voice used, swallowing, speech, fluency and multi modal communication. Students in this field, therefore, need to be competent before they can start practicing the profession. In Australia, a tool that is used to gauge how students are performing in their placements is the Competency Assessment in Speech Therapy (COMPASS). This tool has four units that collectively determine how well a student is performing (Bowen, 2014). These include; professionalism, lifelong learning, communication as well as reasoning. Reasoning refers to the assessment of a given situation in a manner that is both sensible and logical. In the past, reasoning has applied in my life in a myriad of ways. One such instance was when I had to choose a course to pursue. The choices included pathology, teaching, and engineering. I have always felt that I have a passion for speech pathology which could be attributed to the fact that my elder brother used to stammer earlier on in his life and I wished I could help him. However, I was good at physics. Teaching, however, did not appeal to me in anyway. Therefore, after thinking critically about what each decision would mean, I decided to follow my passion and become a speech pathologistCommunication refers to the process of passing and receiving information to convey a given message. Communication is very vital because it is the tool that people use to fulfill their
SPEECH PATHOLOGY3various needs be they vocational, educational, social, or emotional (Mcallister et al., 2009). Communication could be oral or written. It can also be verbal or non-verbal, and it takes into consideration the voice used to communicate as well as the fluency in communication. A situation where communication applied in my life, was when I needed to inform my parents about the course I had chosen to pursue. In so doing, I effectively explained that I am passionate about speech pathology and I believe that I will do an excellent job in practicing it.Lifelong learning refers to the continued search for information and reading it to better one’s understanding of a particular or different types of information (Australia, 2011). I have applied lifelong learning in my daily life. I have a keen interest in matters relating to investment strategies. I continuously study the concept to know what is happening in the markets and other investment related areas and apply it. This leads to better performance for my portfolio that keeps on improving over time.Professionalism is the act of practicing in a given line of work, by someone who has received training in that field for a given amount of time and has, therefore, gained the formal qualification to work (Mcallister, 2005). I have applied professionalism in speech pathology. For instance, whenever we are required to demonstrate how to work in this profession, I follow the expected policies. These policies are regarding dress, language, behavior that follows the code ofethics, and conventional procedures (Kenny, Lincoln, & Balandin, 2007).

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