DOM stands for document object model.


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DOM stands for document object model. When a page is load on the web browser first it create a DOM model in form of tree. While creating the DOM tree by the browser the tree contain threecomponents and these are html element, attribute and text contained by that particular element. Dom defines a standard to access the document on the web page. DOM is a platform and language independent interface that allow program and scripts to dynamically access and update the content, structure and style of the document.We can use DOM objects to create or build our website as we know that the DOM tree contains element and text so if there is a web page which in terms DOM we call the document there is structure of the document , its style and the text contain under each element and the each element in the document contain the style and text, so with the help of script that can access theDOM we can change the style and text of the element. For example in my web page there is dynamic message generate of greeting, this works by the help of javascript that will access the DOM and get the time the basic of time we give the greeting message like good morning, good evening etc. In this we just manipulate the text of the document like this we can also update the style of any element, the things that are comes under the styling of the element like change the color of the text or change the font size. So in this way we can manipulate the structure of the DOM, while the page first load it will create a full DOM model in form of tree and with the help ofscripts we can manipulate the structure and style of the document dynamically.

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