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E-Business: Conducting Business Processes through the Internet

Conducting business through the Internet and using ICT to enhance business processes.

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Added on  2023-06-15

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E-business refers to conducting business processes through the internet. It aims to improve the quality of service and reputation of the organization. The use of ICT enhances the flow of information between production and sales teams. E-business has gained positive responses from executives, industry experts, and investors. The objectives of e-business include improving services, saving time, reducing errors and costs, and improving morale. The purpose of e-business is to search for new business partners and explore more opportunities. The methodology for e-business implementation requires solid planning and objective setting.

E-Business: Conducting Business Processes through the Internet

Conducting business through the Internet and using ICT to enhance business processes.

   Added on 2023-06-15

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E-Business: Conducting Business Processes through the Internet_1
E-business is the abbreviation of the ‘Electronic Business’. This is a derived term from
the terms like “E-mail”. ‘E-business’ refers to the conduction of the business or initiation of the
business process through the internet. It also refers to the electronic transaction of money
between two business parties. The main aim of the “e-business” is to gain the positive reputation
of the organization and improve the quality of service. In this case, the internet is used to
promote the business and helps in the growth of the business. The use of internet in the “e-
business” also useful for connecting with the partners of the business.
The use if ICT helps in the enhancement of the business. This includes all the process
that governmental or privately owned organizations accomplish through the dedicated internet
The “e-business” can be defined as the way of providing better services to the customers
along with the understanding the demand of the customers using the technologies of the new age
generation. There are three processes that improves the process of “e-business”-
1. Process of production which includes maintaining the stocks, processing of the purchased
goods, electronically link with the stakeholders of the process.
2. Consumer centered process which includes the promotion and the marketing of the
goods, process of the orders of the customers and providing the customer support
3. The management of the internal process includes managing of the employees in the
organization. This refers to the training of the employees, effective internal information
sharing and new recruitments. The use of the technology in the organization enhances the
E-Business: Conducting Business Processes through the Internet_2
flow of information between the production team and the sales team in order to increase
the productivity.
E-business has gained positive responses from the executives, industry experts and the
investors. The e-business helps to regenerate the ‘business process redesign’ (BRP). The
companies take the advantage of the internet technology to redesign the business process in order
to gain the competitive advantage. The successful implementation of the “e-business” fetches
more options for the improvement and opportunities. The expansion of the ‘e-commerce” has
made people believe that a new era of technology and business is coming. The Chairman of
Microsoft, Bill Gates has expressed concerned, that his company has to face competition with the
unknown competitor who can used advanced technology. This can become the failure of the
Microsoft. The most successful companies are those who have included the internet technology
in all the enterprise value activities.
There are three principal categories of e-business-
1. E-market place or Electronic market: Buying and selling of goods using internet
ass medium.
2. Inter organizational system: Improves the inter-organizational flow of goods,
information and communication.
3. Customer service: Helping the customer, taking their complaints and listening to
their demands.
The development of the internet technology causes the need of technical advantages in the
business process design. Most of the organization uses the information technology for
redesigning their business processes in order to get competitive advantage. Many organizations
E-Business: Conducting Business Processes through the Internet_3

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