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EBWO3001Effectiveness in the Business WorldSpring 2018Re-sit Coursework BriefHandout: [26th February 2018]Deadline for Submission:Submit this coursework through the Student Portal with a Turn-it-in ReportWord Limit: [1500] words (Plus or minus 10%)Learning outcomes assessed:Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of the organisation and theenvironment in which it operates, including determining the competitive advantagefor an organisation.Identify and analyse organisational operations, responsibilitiesDiscuss the needs of the consumer and people who work in a business.Recognise a range of issues related to business and how they interlink.This coursework is worth 100% of the total marks for this module.
EBWO3001 EFFECTIVENESS IN THE BUSINESS WORLDSPRING 2018RESIT COURSEWORK BRIEFCoursework InstructionsPlease read carefullyThe template supplied should be used to make the final submission on the Student Portal by thesubmission deadlineCarefully read the module handbook, the marking criteria and the grade descriptors.Academic MisconductYou are responsible for ensuring you understand the policy and regulations about academic misconduct.You must:Complete this work alone except where required or allowed by this assignment briefing paper andensure it has not been written or composed by or with the assistance of any other person.Make sure all sentences or passages quoted from other people’s work in this assignment (with orwithout trivial changes) are in quotation marks, and are specifically acknowledged by reference to theauthor, work and page.GSM LONDONPage1of22
EBWO3001 EFFECTIVENESS IN THE BUSINESS WORLDSPRING 2018RESIT COURSEWORK BRIEFAssignment TaskThe assessment for this module is a Portfolio - that is, a piece of work which is made up of many entries ortasks.There are four [4] tasks in this Portfolio. The tasks are an imaginary basic approach that you as anEntrepreneur will take to start and successfully managing a business enterprise. Each task focuses oncrucial elements required to start a business, manage it, succeed and sustain its success in a competitivebusiness environment.There is a task in the portfolio which needs to be completedevery week.You can then ask the moduleleader for advice on how to do it and book a one to one session. To discuss it.You will be considering a topic which relates to your portfolio entry. You can find information to help youwith this on GSMlearnPlease ensure that you review the full Scheme of Work (SOW), which you will find in your GSM portal, forthe module to better understand the module and topics you will learn and be assessed in. Please alsoensure that you do all the required preparation and reading to help you to produce your best work.Please endeavour to give full answers with explanations through-out the portfolio. You can expand eachbox to include a large response.As a requirement for the completion of this portfolio, you should first decide on a typeof business you have or would potentially like to start up in the future (e.g. restaurant,shop, service etc.). Your answers to the tasks below will relate to this business.TasksContents (350-400 words per task)PageLearningoutcomesTask 1a.Briefly describe the nature of business youhave or might like to have in the future.b.What are the advantages and disadvantages ofowning your own business?c.In what ways could PESTEL be useful inplanning your start-up business?3LO1/4GSM LONDONPage3of22
EBWO3001 EFFECTIVENESS IN THE BUSINESS WORLDSPRING 2018RESIT COURSEWORK BRIEFTask 2a.In what ways can ‘globalisation’ have animpact on your business? Discuss twoexamples.a.What suitable technology would your businessuse and how would it improve the operationsof the business?4LO1/2Task 3a.Briefly identify who your ‘customer’ is likely tobe. Why is it important for a business tounderstand its customers?b.Describe TWO ways in which you might attractmore customers to your business.5LO1/3Task 4a.What is the role of ethics in business?a.With examples from other businesses, describehow your business can treat its staff ethically.6LO3/4References7Total word limit:1500 words(+/- 10%)This portfolio is a working document thatMUSTbe completed over the 10-week course.By the end of the 10-week course, you should have completed 4 tasks. You will also be required to workon your portfolio during your weekly tutorial sessions.ASSESSMENT– PORTFOLIOWeekTask 1LearningOutcomesGSM LONDONPage4of22
EBWO3001 EFFECTIVENESS IN THE BUSINESS WORLDSPRING 2018RESIT COURSEWORK BRIEFWeek2-3a.Briefly describe the nature of business you have or mightlike to have in the future.b.What are the advantages and disadvantages of owningyour own business?c.In what ways could PESTEL be useful in planning yourstart-up business?LO1/4Your answer should go in the box below.a.I would like to have restaurant with having south Asian cuisines and flavors in theUnited Kingdom. This is due to the reason that south Asian cuisines are havinghuge popularity in the market of the United Kingdom. The authentic flavors andrich taste and aroma of the South Asian cuisines will help my restaurant to createa distinctive image in the crowded market of the United Kingdom (Varshney et al.2013). In addition, my restaurant will be affordable in order to reach outmaximum number of customers. This will also help me in increasing the salesvolume from the initial stage.b.One of the key advantages of having own business is working for himself ratherjust following the orders of others. This will act as self motivation in the dailycourse of work. Another advantage of having own business is the working in thefield of interest. Business will owned by anyone only in their areas of interest.Thus, it will also help them to be motivated in their line of business (Burns 2016).Experience can also be effectively gathered from having own business. This is dueto the reason that working in office will have limited exposure to the real worldsituation. Moreover, in office job, deep hierarchy levels restrict the employees inhaving diverse experience. On the other hand, having own business will let theowner to deal with every criterion singlehandedly. Thus, the gathered experiencewill be more diverse and effective in nature. The key disadvantage of having ownbusiness is the risk of huge investment. Huge capital is required to start abusiness and it will be uncertain whether the invested capital can be recoveredor not. Another disadvantage is having more pressure and stress in having ownbusiness. This is due to the reason that in business, the owner has to look out forevery aspect, which will increase the pressure.c.Prior to the starting of the startup business, PESTEL analysis will be beneficial dueto the reason that, it will help to identify the external factors, which have to befaced by the business in their daily operation (Dockalikova and Klozikova 2014).Thus, determination of the PESTEL factors will help the organization to designtheir strategies accordingly and get ready for the organizational challenges. It willhelp the startup business full proof against all odds and future uncertainties ofbusiness.GSM LONDONPage5of22
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