Economic Consequences of Globalisation


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1ESSAY PLANEssay TopicIn what ways are the processes of globalization impacting on Australia? And are thesechanges beneficial or detrimental to the society?Starting Point: Interpreting the essay question and key wordsThe topic of the essay needs to select theories, data, concepts and evidences from authenticsources to analyze how fat globalization in Australia has been beneficial to the developmentof society. Research journals and papers will also be critically assessed in order to scrutinythe negative aspects of globalization in Australia. The essay needs me to integrate theories tosupport my statements. In this the phenomenon of globalization and its impact on Australiawill be observed. As my personal opinions are concerned globalization has a number ofpositive impacts on Australia and its economy, so this is how I am going to answer thequestion. 6-7 Keywords- initiatives, economic competitiveness, multiculturalism, technology, macroeconomy, employment Relevant Sources of Information Found 1.Hazelkorn, E. (2015). Globalization, internationalization and rankings.InternationalHigher Education, (53).The journal reflects on how Australia has advanced with the increase of internationalstudents and research scope thereby enriching the quality of education. It also detailson how Australia has retained talent needed.2.Mendes, P. (2017). Australia’s welfare wars: The players, the politics and theideologies.Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work,29(2), 145-148.

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