Effective Business Communication - Importance and Application


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Syndney J. Harris, a famous American journalist once quoted, “The two words
'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite
different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through” (Nida’a &
Worley, J2018). I have developed knowledge and understanding regarding effective business
communication skills and its applications through weekly sessions and activities in the
university. Developing strong communication skills are crucial for students associated with
every field of education for the purpose of sustaining in the changing business environment.
The purpose of the paper is to develop an understanding regarding various forms of business
communication skills associated with its application on the field of engineering. The paper
will represents the concept regarding various forms of business communication skills with the
implication of steps of effective implementation. The paper will discuss about verbal and
non-verbal communication skills, interpersonal communication skills and professional
communication skills. The understanding will be implied to the profession of engineering.
The paper will be concluded by presenting a summary regarding the importance and
application of effective business communication skills.
The process involved in sharing or discussing information by involving two and/or more than
two parties by the method of sending messages without misunderstanding or
misinterpretation is known as effective business communication. Effective business
communication skills develops the scope of professionalism and understanding between
employer and employees as well as builds a relationship between external stakeholders.
1. Verbal communication and Non-verbal communication:
Effective Business Communication - Importance and Application_2

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