Essay on Impact of Olfactics on Personal and Professional Life

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Running head: IMPACT OF OLFACTICS ON PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIFEImpact of Olfactics on Personal and Professional LifeName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1IMPACT OF OLFACTICS ON PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIFEIntroduction:The essay is a discussion on the impact of Olfactics on personal and professional life.Olfactics refers to a means of non- verbal communication based on smell. According tovarious psychologist, sociologists and linguists believes that the evolution of the humanlanguage has been through a system that undertook communication non-verbally. Thesescholars consider the concept of communication and language as different. There are variousnonlinguistic ways possessed by humans that include use of face, arms, hands and personalspace for the purpose of communication. The importance of non-verbal communication thusrequires special attention. The essay therefore begins with a description of non-verbalcommunication. As the essay proceeds, one can also find a brief description about Olfaction.There is also a description of the coding and perception of Olfaction mentioned in the essay.The essay also vividly describes about the impacts of Olfactics on personal and professionallife. The discussion closed by drawing in a conclusion by throwing light on the positive sideof Olfactics (Pandey 2017).Non-Verbal Communication:The significance of non-verbal communication had a rapid growth in the last decadeand now finds a wide application in media, business, interpersonal relationship, politics andeducation (Knapp, Hall and Horgan 2013). In spite of its importance, there still exist peoplewho pay little attention to the body signals and non-verbal messages as they mostlyconcentrate on words.The biggest misconceptions lie in the fact about the things said and the way of itspresentation. However, the reality is only 7 percent of information is transmitted through thewords while the 93 percent of the remaining communication is through non-verbal means(Burgoon, Guerreroand Floyd 2016). The failure to de code and read the non-verbal messages
2IMPACT OF OLFACTICS ON PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL LIFEnot only leads to continuous misunderstandings but also various problems related tocommunication.The signals put across through non-verbal means make the messages more convincingand powerful. In this context, trying to motivate and convince, another person in doing a taskwhile maintaining an unanimated facial expression, gestures and tone will make one not onlysound unconvincing that will also lack the motivation factor (Leathers and Eaves2015). Theexpression of non-verbal communication is not just through body language, facial expressionor gestures but it might also include touch, special distance, eye contact, and spatial distancebetween two or more people, body movements or kinesics, smell, tone of voice, appearanceor even silence. Facial expression is a non-verbal communication that can create quite animpact through eye contact. Touch is another form non-verbal communication that can putacross a lot of information. Personal distance, intimate distance, public and social distance aresome the criteria of non-verbal communication that helps in delivering information. Kinetics,the study of body movements in space, also helps in transmitting information by non-verbalmeans. Chronemics is another form of non-verbal communication that refers to the use oftime while Olfactics refers to the study of time and is a form of non-verbal communicationwhere people’s reaction based on the smell (Siegman 2014).Olfaction:Olfaction refers to chemoreception that helps in forming a sense of smell. Olfaction isa non-verbal means of communication that also helps in detection of pheromones, food andhazards (Doty 2015). Olfaction helps in integration with other senses to help form the senseof flavor. When the odorants binds to the specific site on the olfactory receptors in nasalcavity then occurrence of Olfaction takes place.
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