A Self Reflection Analysis of EFFECTIVE Business Communication Skills


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A Self Reflection Analysis of EFFECTIVE Business Communication Skills_1

The communication skills are a significant aspect that has a great impact on anindividual’s personality. There can be many strong areas related to communication within aperson, while on other hand there may be some points where communication is little weak(Allen, Hunter & Donohue, 2009). The present report is based on self reflection where themajor aim is to deeply analyse the communication skills. This analysis is based on somediagnostic tools which will aid in recognising the areas of strength and weakness incommunication. Afterwards, the literature review will address key issues in communicationwhich has been identified through diagnosis. On this basis, the last section of report willcontain an action plan which will help in making improvements in communication within astructured time period (Bodie, 2010). For the purpose of identifying the communication skill in myself, I have taken help offive different diagnostic tools. As per that, the first tool is self observing questionnaire whichwill aid in recognising self competence in communication in different situations. Thequestionnaire contains several questions which can help in finding out different aspects thathave an impact on communication (Bylund & et.al., 2017). Similarly, another tool used forthe same purpose was a personal report of communication anxiety which will help inmeasuring the level of fear or anxiety that is confronted while having a communication withanother person or group of individuals. Thus, this report will aid in recognising the level ofcomfort or discomfort that is faced while interacting with others. Moving forward, nextdiagnostic tool was the report on communication in difficult situations. It is evident that indifficult situations, stress and uncertainties is the major thing that makes it complex to tacklesituation and communicate properly (Christensen, 2014). Thus, the report will identify thelevel of various feelings at the time of difficult situations. The fourth diagnostic tool wasreadiness to listen which will recognise the willingness towards listening which is anessential feature of good communication. The final tool was acceptance towardsdisagreement which is helpful in getting information about acceptance of people towardsideas that are conflicting with one’s strong belief (Davis, 2014). The diagnostic tools applied to analyse various areas of communication were quiteeffective in generating desired results. The first tool of questionnaire helped me in identifyingmy basic communication style. Besides this, the personal report made to analyse thecommunication anxiety stated that I am little weak at making communication among publicwho are not personally known to me (DeBenedectis & et.al., 2017). On other hand I am verycomfortable in making communication with my friends or family members where interaction
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is direct and one-to-one. Thus, the major issue was related to making interaction with largenumber of people at one time. Apart from this, as per the scores generated from thediagnostic tool application of personal report to identify communication anxiety, I attained 60marks which can be categorised under fair level of communication power (Duran & et.al.,2017). Similarly, on the account of making communication in difficult situations, I scored 50marks which is low and states that I am less comfortable in establishing communication at thetime of difficult situations. I feel very stressed and nervous in such trouble situations whichbecome a major barrier in my communication skill. The fourth tool applied to assess the listening skill; I scored 70 marks which show mywillingness towards listening which falls under a moderate level of communication(Guetterman & et.al., 2017). On other hand, the last tool applied for acceptance againstdisagreement, I scored 120 marks. This is a good level as per the scale of analysis and statesthat I am inclined to evade conflicts and disagreement; therefore I solve the disputes andvarious issues tactfully. The assessment done by applying various diagnostic tools revealedeffective results showing me my present status regarding the level of communication (Hargie,2011). As per the generated results, the major requirements regarding issues incommunication is related with communication in difficult situations and communicationapprehension which is faced while addressing a group of people. Apart from this, the otherareas of communication like readiness to listen and acceptance to disagreement are onmoderate level which is required to be maintained and improved further so as to become lessprone to attain a lower level in future (Hargie, 2011). I feel stressed and nervous at the timeof difficult situations because of which interacting with others at that time becomes quitedifficult for me. On other hand, the difficulty felt at the time of having interaction with largegroup of people is also a major issue that needs to be addressed for making improvements. Inaddition to this, for the acceptance to disagreement, I have a view that in corporate worlddisagreements are very common which is a healthy sign of progress. Without disagreements,various aspects of a matter cannot be assessed from different views. Thus, it helps inimproving the decision making process (Kim & Lee, 2014). According to recent examples, I have faced some issues while making communicationwith large group of people. The first situation was faced at professional level in a productioncompany. I was at the position of Production manager where the department’s performance
A Self Reflection Analysis of EFFECTIVE Business Communication Skills_3

was not up to the mark. Following to this, the senior manager called me to meet himpersonally for explaining the reason for such underperformance of the department. This was avery complex situation for me where I was feeling a lot of stress and nervousness. I wasexpected to explain the current status and reasons of underperformance of the team. In thissituation, I was unable to explain the fair reasons in proper manner and to concentrate overthe important points. Besides this, I was unable to make keep my points and explanations inthe expected manner because of which the manager was not clear about my reasons for suchunderperformance. Another example of such communication issue was faced in the same organisation atthe time of addressing the entire department while giving a presentation. The topic ofpresentation was new for me and it was essential to give related information about it to theemployees. In this condition, I was unable to make clear all the points and queries ofcolleagues in an appropriate manner. Besides this, addressing large number of people waslike a challenge for me as I forgot to address some major points for discussion. Apart fromthis, the presentation delivery was required to be very accurate and comprehensive which canbe understood by the audience in a good manner. Therefore, this condition added anadditional pressure on me which led to difficulty in concentrating over significant points fordiscussion. Thus, the above examples show my major weaknesses in the field of communicationthat are required to be addressed and improved as soon as possible. By making improvementswithin these issues will definitely help in making an overall development in my personalityand communication aspects (Liu & et.al., 2017). Apart from this, other aspects ofcommunication areas are at moderate level and making little reforms in that will aid ingetting things over right position and in better way.The communication skills are not the same within each and every person because ofwhich the personality and way of interacting differs. According to Mandeville, Ho & Valdez,(2017), there are various areas of communication which are essential to be addressed for thepurpose of overall development in the communication skill inventory. There are some issuesrelated to communication which are essential to be improved. These issues may becommunication apprehension (CA) which can be referred as a fear that can be present withinan individual as a result of different situations which are difficult and stressful. Besides this,
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