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Reflective report
Effective communication is very necessary and essential within the organizations to
convey the information from one person to another with distinct channels. However, the present
reflective will explain how a person learn the all concepts during the communication programme.
For that, Reflective report will be using Gibbs Reflective model to present the study (Gibbs
Reflective Cycle by Graham Gibbs. 2018).
What do you think is crucial in professional/business communication ?
According to me Professional communication is the most crucial thing required in
business environment During the module learning, I have contribute my role as a team member
in order to analyse the importance of effective communication within the workplace. I got to
know how much communication is vital for professionals in a modern business era. That helped
me in my future set goals, I have used different communication medium when I needed to pass
the essential information to my colleague. In week 1 I have learned what is exactly a
communication and difference between professional and informal communication as well
(Fearn-Banks, 2016). Also got that professional communication are speaking, listening, writing
and responding at the work place. On the apart, we worked as a team in which other team
members have contributed their own part.
However, I have got to know my own communications skills which I need to improve a
little bit for receiving and sending messages clearly. Also I got to know by my supervisors that I
am a good communicator but sometimes make mistakes to encounter the problems. Apart from
this. The most basic need that I learnt for communication is clear topic that pass to the audience.
That makes the process of communication is successful.
What do you find challenging and why ?
I found challenging situation while communicate with the new people throughout my
session. However, for communication clear and understandable language is very much required.
I also found some issues in communication because I should not know how actually the
communication medium is work. Throughout this programme I have learnt good or bad both
experiences that make my knowledge more effective and efficient. My contribution to this
project is as a communicator that learns how to communication process has been done. Such I
learnt that communication process must eliminate the jargon or slang that makes the process

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