Effective Communication in Healthcare


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Communication is considered as one of the most important elements which decides the progress
of the organization in terms of development and growth. Communication helps in resolving
various types of conflicts which can emerge in the business operation of the organization
(Stanciu, Condrea & Zamfir, 2016). Effective communications actually set up the foundation for
the management of the organization which is being used by the organization as a competitive
advantage over other organizations present in the business market. In fact, joint commissioner
report also focuses on poor performance due to poor communication in the organization.
Components necessary for effective interpersonal communication
In nursing industry, components which play are considered as most important element of
interpersonal communication are non-verbal, para-verbal and verbal factors. Non-verbal
elements are considered as interpersonal communication which includes body language. This
body language impacts clarification of verbal cues (Bonaccio et al., 2016). It includes eye
contact in which supervisor upkeeps the gaze of the workers and act as an important part of non-
verbal communication. In addition to this, body posture is also linked with the reaction of the
message such as facing away indicates lack of interest. It is also connected with the indicators
such as position of arms, legs, hands and even feet’s. Closing gestures also convey this message
that person is weak and is not willing to open up. Para-verbal elements are connected with the
aspects just like pitch voice, tone and speed of speech (Rocco et al., 2018). These elements
connect with verbal aspects to offer set of ideas which are linked with interpersonal
communication. In addition to this, it is also linked with the level of stress which supervisor put
in their words while conveying some message to the workers. Volume can have a clear impact
on the setting of presentation while conveying the particular message it may be low or high tone.
Verbal element is linked with the language style, choice of word while conveying message along
with grammar interlinks (Stanyon et al., 2016). These aspects help in regulating message by
making them representable by linking them with quality. It also includes clarity and effectiveness
of the conveyed message in both formal as well as informal clues.
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