Effects of Red Wine on Heart Disease

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EFFECTS OF RED WINE ON HEART DISEASE 3 EFFECTS OF RED WINE ON HEART DISEASE Effects of Red Wine on Heart Disease Name of the Student Name of University Author note Red Wine is one of the highly consumed wines in the world with an increasing preference for the wine due to various factors. Polyphenols have been seen that the most common effect of Red Wine is a reduction of the inflammation in the heart problem that is shown to be one of the beneficial way to reduce the risk of

Effects of Red Wine on Heart Disease

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Running head: EFFECTS OF RED WINE ON HEART DISEASEEffects of Red Wine on Heart DiseaseName of the StudentName of UniversityAuthor note
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1EFFECTS OF RED WINE ON HEART DISEASERed Wine is one of the highly consumed wines in the world with an increasingpreference for the wine due to various factors. The consumption of Red Wine has increased to240 million hectoliters in 2015, which shows the consumption of Red Wine is increasing at afaster rate. Such an increase in Red Wine is due to factors such as increasing standard of people,health benefits among adults above fifty years of age and used in making food item. However,there are also evidences that show that high consumption of Red Wine has various detrimentaleffects on health (Mansvelt et al., 2016). This essay critically analyses the effects of Red Wineon preventing heart disease of the people aged above fifty years of age. The research analyses allthe factors showing good effects of Red Wine on heart as well as bad effects of Red Wine andfinally reach to a conclusion.Heart attack and cardiovascular diseases is a type of death caused due to reduction in theflow of blood supply to the heart. It is also seen that a failure in the heart muscles cause a pain Ithe heart and cardiac infarction. Various causes result in cardiovascular diseases I the people.Some of the common systems of heart attack are chest pain and discomfort (Muñoz-González,2014). However, it is evident that risk of heart attack is more in the people above forty-five yearsof age. A major factor that is resulting an increase in heart problems is increasing obesity in theold people and smoking in the old men population. Other causes are cholesterol, genetics,surgery, HIV and diabetes which needs to be addressed as fast as possible. On the other hand,patients need some easy way to get rid of heart attack that the can readily follow (Varbo et al.,2013). Increasing number of heart attack among people there is an increasing concern andrequires a solution. The most common solution that came up with this regard is of consumptionof Red Wine. The doctors in today’s world are highly recommending the consumption of Red
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2EFFECTS OF RED WINE ON HEART DISEASEWine in order to cope up with the heart patients and reduce their problems. It is one of the easyways a person can reduce their heart problem as wine and people of all age group love alcoholconsumption. Red Wine consumption is also recommended by various nutritionist to the peoplesuffering from heart and diabetes diseases. They recommend adding consumption of Red Winein the daily diet of the people. However, there is also a stated limit to the consumption of wine ina day (Ferrara et al., 2013). Cardiovascular is a disease that is increasing day-by-day among older people ad 30percent of death is caused due to heart problems. Thus having a solution to this problem that iseasy and good is drawing a great attention of researchers. Red Wine is suggested to be one of themost highly consumed beverages among people over the world and has a lot of potential toreduce heart problems. Red Wine contains a good amount of Polyphenols, which has a long-termhealth benefits on the adults (Quiñones, Miguel & Aleixandre, 2013). There have been evidencesshowing that the amount of Polyphenols contained in the Red Wine has good effects on thecardiovascular diseases. The evidences showing the beneficial effect of Red Wine on thecardiovascular disease is essential because heart diseases are most common problem in today’sworld especially on the older people. Polyphenols have great vascular effects as its increase theliquid proportion in the lipoprotein. Thus, preventing the amount of inflammation caused in theheart. Inflammation is one of the serious causes of heart problem and a reduction in thepercentage of inflammation will reduce heart problem in a large way. Moreover, There arefurther evidences that show that Red Wine is one of the highly antioxidant contained beveragesand it has a ten time greater effects on the health of people compared to any other Vitamins(Kane et al., 2015).
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