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Embedded Report on I2C and I2S Ports

Added on - 01 May 2020

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Embedded ReportEMBEDDED REPORTNameCourseProfessorUniversityCity/stateDateThe use of the I2C and I2S ports of a microprocessor
Embedded ReportI2C (inter-integrated-circuit) is a type of single port or protocol used to facilitatecommunication between one chip and another on one printed circuit board (PCB) present in anelectronic device. The start and stop conditions of communication are generated by the masterdevice of I2C protocol whereas intermediate actions are generated by slave devices. Being a serialport, one bit of data in I2C is transferred at a time through one wire. Therefore the main use of I2Cis to enable connection between lower-speed external integrated circuits and microcontrollers orprocessors so as to facilitate communication between different boards within a short distance. I2Cuses only two data lines, wires or signals: serial clock (SCL) and serial data (SDA), making itcommonly referred to as two wire interface (TWI)[ CITATION Cirnd \l 1033 ].It is also very flexiblesuch that it can be used even by microprocessors that do not have a special I2C interface.I2S (inter-integrated-chip sound) is a type of serial port or protocol that is used to facilitateconnection between different digital audio devices. This device transfers serial data from one digitalaudio device to another on one PCB. Therefore I2S is a complete-duplex serial port interface usedfor acquiring audio signals in analog to digital converters (ADC) or for driving headphones andspeakers in digital to analog converters (DAC)[ CITATION Tex14 \l 1033 ].The use of a device external to the microcontrollerMicrocontrollers are used to control a wide range of electronic devices. The basiccomponents of a microcontroller are: central processing unit (CPU), memory, input/output ports,serial ports, timers, analog to digital converter (ADC), digital to analog converter (DAC), interpretcontrol and special functioning block. In order to perform their specific tasks, microcontrollers areusually connected with external devices using interfacing devices[ CITATION Raj16 \l 1033 ]. Thesedevices enable transfer of data between the microcontroller and external devices such asmicroprocessors, keypads, sensors, LCD displays, ADC, external memories, motors, switches,solenoids, relays, other microcontrollers, etc.[CITATION Aga15 \l 1033 ]. Microcontrollers aregenerally referred to as embedded controllers because they are usually integrated in devices or
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