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EMIRATES AVIATION UNIVERSITY[ Replace items below with your own project title, full name and student ID ]HD /HND BUSINESS (MANAGEMENT) RESEARCH PROPOSALTEMPLATE
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Author’s nameReport Title (shorten if necessary)by(Insert your name)Student ID: 123456Unit 8: HD /HND Business (Management) Business Research ProjectResearch proposalFebruary 2017Supervisor: Catherine KennedyUnit 8: HND Business (Management) Business Project 2017Page 2 of 13
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Author’s nameReport Title (shorten if necessary)Declaration of OriginalityThis Proposal is all my own work and has not been copied in part or in whole from any othersource except where duly acknowledged. As such, all use of previously published work(from books, journals, magazines, internet, etc) has been acknowledged within the mainproposal to an item in the References or Bibliography lists. I also agree that an electronic copy of this project may be stored and used for the purposesof plagiarism prevention and detection.Copyright AcknowledgementI acknowledge that the copyright of this proposal belongs to Emirates Aviation College.Signed:Date:Unit 8: HND Business (Management) Business Project 2017Page 3 of 13
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Author’s nameReport Title (shorten if necessary)Office StampUnit 8: HND Business (Management) Business Project 2017Page 4 of 13
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