Badriya. Examining recruitment process at EA. EMIRATES

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EMIRATES AVIATION UNIVERSITYTo examine the effectiveness of the recruitment process for cadet pilotsat Emirates AirlinesUnit 8: HD /HND Business (Management) Business Research Project
BadriyaExamining recruitment process at EAHND BUSINESS RESEARCH PROJECTCritical Literature ReviewName: Badriya AlblooshiResearch AreaTo examine the effectiveness of therecruitment process for cadet pilots atEmirates Airlines.Research QuestionThe main research question is that isthe current recruitment process for thecadet pilots in Emirates Airlineseffective?Internal Secondary SourcesThe internal secondary sources willinclude Safar newspaper, standardprocedure of operation and theEmirates world group.Justification for useThe Safar newspaper helped inproviding relevant information for theemployees of Emirates along with thepresent operations of the airlines.The standard procedure of operationshelped in providing data in relation tothe employees of the Emirates in orderto remain updated with the proceduresand the rules of the Emirates.Unit 8: HND Business (Management) Business Project 2017Page1of19
BadriyaExamining recruitment process at EAThe Emirates world group helped ingathering valid information and thedata in relation to the airlines.The internal sources helped ingathering the information about theoperations and the activities of theairlines in accordance with the staff tofurther understand the significance ofthe recruitment in a better way.External Secondary SourcesTextsName:Author:Date:Human resource management: casesand text.K. Aswathappa2013Summarize this source – what arethe key pointsThis source helped in understandingthe management of the personnel inan organization no matter what is thesize of the organization. Also, how theplanning of the personnel should bedone from the initial stage that isrecruitment and selection. Moreover,how it is essential to keep theUnit 8: HND Business (Management) Business Project 2017Page2of19
BadriyaExamining recruitment process at EAJustify why you have chosen thissourceHow does it help you answer yourresearch question / objectives –relate specifically to the objectivepersonnel motivated in order to ensurethat they retain in an organizationalong with the challenges they face inthe process of recruitment(Aswathappa, K., 2013).The particular text is being chosenbecause it is essential to understandthe basic concepts of the recruitment,selection for the human resource andhow they can be managed in orderhelp the company to maximizeprofitability and attain sustainability.Further, this text helped in gatheringall such information in depth which isessential to examine the effectivenessof the recruitment process of the cadetpilots.This text helped in identifying thesolution for the research objectives asit helped in making a comparisonbetween the current process ofrecruitment of the Emirates and thecurrent practices of the recruitmentUnit 8: HND Business (Management) Business Project 2017Page3of19