Case Study - Emotional Intelligence

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Running head: EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE1Emotional Intelligence Case StudyName of StudentName of Institution
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE2Emotional Intelligence Case StudyQuestion 1 A- Using empathy as an element of emotional intelligence, I would try tomanage and rebuild relationships within the store. I would listen to all the store employees inorder to understand their views and concerns. Using skills of conflict resolution, I woulddiscourage those considering leaving employment and reinforce organizational loyalty.The model leadership behavior should be modeled on doing the work of change usingemotional intelligence. Goals will be broken down into steps which are achievable and feedbackwill be encouraged from the staff (Morton, 2012). Staff support will be enhanced in the store inorder to assist the staff achieve their goals.Question 1 B- The Store Manager did not demonstrate elements of managingrelationships and managing her emotions. Yelling to the store staff shows the lack of control overher emotions. She did not manage the departmental managers by telling them to improve revenuewithout giving meaningful leadership.Question 1 C- The Store Manager should have used the competence of managingrelationships to deliver the annual report with care to all managers. Inclusive participation tochart the way forward should have been encouraged by the Manager. Individual expectations ofemployees should have been adjusted with protocol in order to plan ahead for the store.Question 1 D- The lack of emotional competencies of handling stress and optimism haveworked to dampen the staff morale at the store (Geddes, 2017). Her inability to postureconfidence and optimism for the future has reduced staff morale and this will consequentlynegatively affect performance.Question 2 A- One misinterpretation is that of differences in social values that is based oncultural diversity. Being foreign-born, her social values differ and may be misinterpreted as
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE3aloofness. Customs of her culture may also differ since she has been raised conservatively andthis may also be misinterpreted wrongly within her sales team.Question 2 B- Cultural expressions may be misinterpreted on the basis of culturalintelligence and its understanding (Jyoti & Kour, 2017). Building on emotional intelligence,different workers may have differences in dressing, religious affiliation, customs, social valuesand non-verbal behavior based on the culture from which they come from.Question 2 C- The team should engage in understanding their individual Core and Flexwithin the parameters of cultural awareness (Livermore, 2010). Knowing the things that cannotchange easily (core) and things that they can change and adapt (flex) will assist in promotingeffective communication and resolving misinterpretations.Question 3 A- Drawing on the element of managing my emotions, I would self-regulatemy impulses not to negatively judge the staff in question. I would also be adaptable and flexibleto respond to the needs of this employee and give latitude of freedom when undertaking teamexercises (Livermore, 2011). I would also do a self-assessment to know my strengths andweaknesses as the facilitator of team building in order to shift to a new paradigm.On the element of managing other people’s emotions, I would focus on trying tounderstand the perspective of the employee concerning team building activities. The feedback ontheir opinion and feelings will help me get clues and signals about the employee. Using empathy,I can tailor new team building activities that he can participate in comfortably in the future.Question 3 B- Knowledge of learning styles, personality and communication styles helpin understanding employee behavior. Personality preferences such as extraverted/introverted,intuition and thinking will affect their learning styles (Brady, 2013). Focus on communication
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