Employee Relations Assignment | Impact of Social Media

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Running head: IMPACT OF USING SOCIAL MEDIA ON EMPLOYEE RELATIONSImpact of using social media on employee relationsName of the UniversityName of the StudentAuthor note
1IMPACT OF USING SOCIAL MEDIA ON EMPLOYEE RELATIONSQuestion: What impact will the increased use of social media (both inside and outsidework) have on employee relations? What opportunities and challenges does this pose forthe management of employee relations?In the last few decades, the internet has been a revolutionary tool for people around theglobe. Some four to five decades back, during the initial blooming of the internet, people hadlittle idea of the ways to utilize it. However, with time the internet emerged to be the mostinfluential tool that changed the way people lived in the world. In case of business organizations,the internet has provided immeasurable opportunities to expand and succeed. One of the mostrecent yet most effective tools of the internet is the Social Media(Ferrara et al., 2016). Evolvedin the initial years of the 21st century, the social media in the present day has become a nation initself. Businesses have made great use of the platform to strategize and expand by connecting toclients and customers across the globe from a single click of the mouse or a single touch in thesmart phone.The tremendous growth of social media in recent decades has transformed the wayemployee’s share data and network. It has had both positive and negative insinuation for therelationship between the employee and the employer. On the hand where the social media hasgiven employers and employees a sea of opportunities, it has even created vulnerable situationsfor them as well. Prior to the advent of the social media, employees had no option to speakagainst any discrimination or injustice done to them by the employer. The social media providedthat platform to them. However, it has been observed that employees are increasingly using thesocial media both inside and outside the workplace. A report published in a leading daily, it wasrevealed that employees invest over 32% of their time to social media at the workplace(Businesstoday.in, 2018). As per the reports of TeamLease World of Work, employees spend
2IMPACT OF USING SOCIAL MEDIA ON EMPLOYEE RELATIONS2.35 hours of their day in accessing social media while at work. The report further states that thetime spent on the social media has had an adverse affect on the productivity of the business(Teamlease.com, 2018). However, Charoensukmongkol (2014) finds that the social media use atthe workplace has also produced good results for the organizations. Examples of product reviewsin online shopping sites through the social media and the immediate response given by thecompany employees to customers demonstrate the positive influence of using social media.Using social media at the workplace is not negative if it is used to track responses fromcustomers or clients.Haddud, Dugger and Gill (2016)have found that social media used at the workplaceaffects employee engagement. Employee engagement refers to the passion with whichemployees work and commit to their roles. Engaging for long hours with the social media mightincrease the number of virtual friends and admirers but it may affect in real world relationships.When inside work, social media platform is used mostly to connect to clients and customers andaddress their queries and problems. However, using social media outside the work does notconcern the company directly but it may affect it indirectly. Employees, who do not have theconfidence to speak out against their seniors or bosses, vent out their anger and frustrationthrough the social media platform outside the work. Social media allows people to use it withoutrevealing their real identity, which has become both a blessing and a curse for many. In case ofbusinesses, this power of social media has become a curse mostly.Although experts and theorists are divided in their views regarding the influence of socialmedia on employee relations and management, it is an undeniable fact that it did change the wayorganizations function(Gibbs, MacDonald & MacKay, 2015). Immediacy, reaching out to theaudience or customers, and permanency are some of the features of social media usage at the
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