EAPB3017 : English for Academic Purposes

Added on - Jul 2020

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English for Academic Purposes 2(EAPB3017)Name:Student Number:Tutor name:This is your English for Academic Purposes 2e-portfoliowhich you must submit onThursday24thAugust 2017 by 2pmvia the Student Portal. This should be completed throughout thecourse and you must make sure you save your work regularly (e.g. on your computer, on aUSB stick, on email or on the Cloud drive). Please refer to suggested word counts for eachtask included within this portfolio.Assessed Learning Outcomes:1.Produce elements of a cohesive and coherent researched essay2.Listen to an academic lecture whilst taking coherent notes3.Read, compare and summarise a number of written academic texts.WeekTable of ContentsPageLearningOutcomeCompleted?()
PortfolioTasks(These tasksshould bedevelopedthroughout theterm butcompleted byThursday 24August 2017by2pm)1Where are you now?2LO 1, 2 & 31Personal Development Plan[suggested word count: 100 - 150]3LO 1, 2 & 32 – 9Organising your ideas[suggested word count: varies per task]4LO 1 & 36Making notes with confidence(200 words)6LO 23 – 8Developing your arguments[suggested word count: varies per task]8LO 1, 2 & 36 – 9Writing your argumentative essay(900 words)10LO 1 & 310Getting a First!11LO 1 & 32
Total word limit:Final task: Argumentative essay(900 words)(+/- 10%)Track your progress by ticking off each task as you complete it, in the final columnPORTFOLIO TASKWeek 1: Where are you now?Below is a list of the skills you will need when working on extended pieces of writing during your universitycareer. Using the list from EAP 1, put a cross(X) inthe same boxes for each skill in the first column, andtick ()the appropriate box for each skill in the second column,according to how well you think you can do this now.You should refer to the checklist throughout the course and decide whether you have made any progress withthese skills.SkillThis is new formeI need todevelop thisskillI can improvethis skillLooking for informationIdentify which book / journals/ websitesto useSelect relevant parts of a textUsing sourcesAcknowledge sources of informationWrite a reference list correctlyAvoid plagiarismPlanning/WritingBrainstorm ideasPlan written workLink ideas effectivelyParaphrase & summarise ideasWrite an introduction2
Write a conclusionPersonal StudyWork independentlyManage my timeOral PresentationBrainstorm ideas with peersDiscuss written work in a tutorialITAccess the internetUse search enginesCreate word documentsUse PowerPointPORTFOLIO TASK2
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