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Assignment : Environment Sustainability

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Added on  2020-07-22

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Assignment : Environment Sustainability_1
The concept of sustainability of environment is related with the aspects of our lives. Bydeveloping echo-homes and conscious environmental communities to produce sustainable fooditems,renewable energy and clothing. The main objective of environment sustainability is theconservation of natural resources and create a alternative power of sources that will decrease thepollution and damage to the environment. This essay will present the past experiences andchallenges that have occurred while dealing with sustainable environment. It will also present theenvironment benefits,consequences and issues that are faced with past memories related toenvironment sustainable .It will also prepare the children and youth to thinks and opt forsustainable environment (Sheldon, 2017).PART-AThis experience took place when I was an assisting Green impact project for mySchool .Through this project various attempts were made to bring a positive changes in theschool environment. I noticed that various issues that are related with sustainability are coveredunder this project such as waste,energy,travel and biodiversity. Through this project attemptswere made to keep surroundings sustainable by keeping environment clean,recycling of wastematerials and reducing the consumption of power and use of CO 2.Various plans and strategieswere made in the campus for utilizing sustainable practices through seminars and workshops. Ithad brought a positive impact on me. I became much more responsible and active towards myenvironment cleaning and protection by making use of sustainable practices. By being part ofsuch impactful project I learned to reduce the use of natural resources and make usage ofenvironment friendly activities. By making use of sustainable in environment at school it canhave huge impact on plants,animals and people. The plants can produce crops without depending on toxic pesticides and other degradingsoil practices. For humans it will provide a long term maintenance of well being which willdepend on maintenance of natural world. It will have impact on animals by giving them healthyand long-lived lifestyle. It will provide a fresh and green surroundings to people and animals. Bybeing part of such project I want to motivate encourage the young talent and children towardssustainable environment by plating more of trees,reducing the use of vehicles for short distanceand to conserve water by taking short showers and collecting rain water. One thing that I would1
Assignment : Environment Sustainability_2
have differently is that to reduce the power consumption I would have used LED lights in schoolsituation as it is cost effective and will reduce power.Recently I visited Australia for my training and there in this locality of Tyrendarra I cameacross various environmental issues that was faced like the impact of sewage and waste materialon the environment. The sewage was not properly treated and due to this it can contaminatewater and can be dangerous for wildlife. As the water was getting polluted due to this sewageand many fishes were killed. So this was a challenging experience as the area was noteconomically developed. As the waster materials are not dumped properly it was causing a threatfor plants,animals and human survival residing in that area. So I decided to bring out about apositive impact by making them aware about sustainable practices that can be used forenvironment (Sampson, 2017). Like by recycling the waste material,reuse and re manufacture it. I planned to organizevarious program to give training of and educate people how they can make use of environmentpractices for keeping the environment clean and fresh. They can plan more green trees and bydumping waste properly and recycling and reduce the use of carbon footprint in the environment.The people, plants and animals were facing major threats sure to this sewage issue as it can beharmful for their existence. So by making use of sustainable practices it can give them a betterand healthy lifestyle. Through this experience I have learned various methods that can be used toto kept the locality more secured and protected.PART-BBy sharing these two experiences with my family,peers ,media and community membersit have motivate and encourage them to use more of sustainable surrounding practices bymeeting the wants of today without compromising the wants of future generations. They gotinfluenced by these experiences as the concept of sustainable environment would enhance theliving standard of people by securing their health issues,conserve the environment by making useof efficient resources and will give long term competitiveness. This feedback have helped metowards the development of better and sustained surrounding that would have a positiveimpact on lifestyle of plants,animals and humans on this planet (Lippiatt, 2017).The environment benefits can be related to decrease in the demand of natural resourcesand emission of air pollutants. It will enhance the quality of water and reduce the harmful impactof change in climate and accumulation of waste materials. Due to these benefits on environment2
Assignment : Environment Sustainability_3

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