The Epidemiology of an Infectious and Non-Infectious Disease

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INTRODUCTIONThe efforts that are taken or carried out to meet the interest of the society in a broader wayfor ensuring the better health condition of people is defined as public health. The variousmissions that are related to the health of public is quite broad and it involves the addressingtoward the immediate health issues and making efforts for its prevention and reduce its impactover the affected people in future (Davis et al.,2014). Therefore, the responsibility majorlyincludes safeguarding the public from various health hazards, prevention of diseases in futureand controlling the spread of diseases. These can be done by modifying the environment andreducing the factors that are associated with various risks relating to the diseases. Public healthprograms are comprehensive at local, state and federal level to provide essential servicesoutlining the health of the society. This brings down to defining the objectives of such publichealth agencies that are mentioned as follows:Identification of problems related to health of the community.Evaluating the status of health of the community.Investigation of various health hazards and issues in the community and diagnose ofsuch health issues.Empowering, educating and providing appropriate information about the various issuesrelated to health.To develop policies supporting to the health efforts of community as well as individual.An efficient workforce that assures to provide personal health care and public health.Ensuring safety and enforcing laws for safeguarding the health of the community.Develop and derive out innovative solutions through rigorous research and developmentto the health issues.The health services must be evaluated for its effectiveness, accessibility and enhance itsquality towards a wide population and personal basis.3
TASK 11.1 Roles of Agencies in Identifying the Health Issues.The presence of various agencies like Health Protection Agency, World HealthOrganization are responsible for identification of various levels of health and diseases that havechance and have been occurring in the communities. The above mentioned two agencies mayhave distinguished goals but their efforts are common in providing a healthier, safer and riskfree environment for the people.HPA or Health Protection Agency facilitates in identifying and determining the health levels anddiseases. This agency has some major functions that mainly focuses on the protection of thecommunity against various infectious diseases and several other health hazards. The variation inhealth levels is an outcome of exposure of people to dangerous substances and chemicals andbiological hazards (Eisenberger& Cole, 2012). Such activities are observed minutely by theHPA.The agency is designed especially for catering of such kind of issues and has objectivesthat completely focus on the avoidance of such inimical prevalence from taking place. Inaddition to this, it can be said that healthcare agencies plays a critical role in dealing with healthissues. Diverse agencies are there which have working on improvement of provisions so thatbetter health measures can be taken into account. With an assistance of this, it can be said thatagencies are also focused towards health relief so that better conditions can be created inappropriate manner.Health relief measures, awareness camps thus delivering on outcomes thusmaking community and society aware of different prospects thus related with other citizens.World Health Organization mainly aims over implementing backup and provide services tovarious health care facilities around the world. The services are primarily provided to the onesthat require immediate attention (Eliasen et al.,2016). The organization even has tie ups withvarious other important organizations of health for acquiring help for carrying out variousactivities and programs at a local level.1.2 The Epidemiology of an Infectious and Non-Infectious Disease.The Epidemiology study was seen in 2007 in Africa it illustrated a distinguishedincrement. In between the years of 2006-2007, there were several cases that integrated up to4
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