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Business Objectives of Dabbawala2Taking the example of the Dabbawala service as an example, discuss the five performanceobjectives of an operation.Dabbawala in Mumbai, one of the most crowded city in the world with local trains as the mainsource of commutation. Office -goers in Mumbai travels mostly by local trains without carryingtheir lunch boxes as it is not possible for commuters to catch crowded trains with boxes in hand.Dabbawalas are involved in the business of delivering home-made foods to respective offices ofemployees by picking up from their respective homes. The business of Dabbawalas is based onthe requirement of healthy and nutritious home-made food for middle class Mumbai office-goerswho cannot afford costly low-calorie food. The essence is the commitment of timely deliverywith accuracy and precision. They are highly motivated to serve their customers as they believethat their customers are God to them. Their service is based on efficient time management to deliver as per their motivation to servecustomers. They are a group of 5000 people engaged in the service to deliver foods to 2,00,000office goers and the foods have to be collected from customer’s home prepared by wife ormother or any other family members. Commitment, reliability and accuracy, quality, dedicatedservice, team work and customer satisfaction are the five performance objectives of the dabbadelivery to their customer. Time management is the basis on which their five performanceobjectives is based upon and given the commutation facilities of Mumbai that relies largely onlocally run trains, the requirement becomes anything similar to managing a multi nationals.Moreover, the dabbawalas also deal with the traffic situation of Mumbai city as they mostly usedbicycles or wooden carts to deliver the dabbas to their customer’s office that is dispersed across aparticular area. The tiffin boxes are also collected from customer’s office and delivered to theirrespective homes for next day delivery. The morning slot is reserved for delivery of boxes andB203A – TMA –First 2016-17Page 2

Business Objectives of Dabbawala3the evening slot is reserved for collection of boxes for respective homes. Their commitment isdelivery on time irrespective of various contrasting situations which helps them to sustain theircustomer. The reliability and accuracy of their service is their perfect slotting that is done on thetrain itself while the train is in motion to save time which in turn helps them to provide qualityservice. Their goal is the team work and in the trust no employee is ahead in terms of receivingpays and perks. The entire amount collected is distributed equally among all the members and alapse in service is the loss of the entire team. Their dedicated service towards their customer iswhat brings customer satisfaction for every team members[ CITATION Ste10 \l 1033 ].Why does the Dabbawalas’ service offer such an amazing dependability?Dabbawalas’ believe that their customer is everything for them and for them the service is notonly a source of earning but also a service to mankind that is the essence of service in countrylike India where you would see many shops with a wall print that says, “I am a vendor, shop ismy temple, customer my God,.......”. Dabbawalas know that their valued customers who dealwith their various issues at their work place must have proper home-made food in time and thatcorporate and government sectors do not provide much time to their employees for lunch hours.This realization of the importance of their customer’s necessity compels them further to provideerror free service.They work on the basis of group system and every group has around 30 members with a leaderwho is the most senior of them. The seniority and work experience of the group leader helps thegroup deal with any untoward incidents such as late train, road blockage, rains etc as the seniormembers are aware of what contingency planning are to be taken in such situations. Employeesare not allowed to smoke or drink during work period, they cannot remain absent on any daywithout prior notice as any violation of the rules leads to heavy fine. They have a proper codingsystem to identify which dabbas belong to which customer and every morning dabbawallas areB203A – TMA –First 2016-17Page 3

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