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1BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONThe essay helps in analysis of the Aristotelian appeals such as ethos, pathos andlogos in the entire process of business communication. The importance and popularityof these has to be analyzed along with their presence in the digitization of the entireprocess of communication.The main aim and purpose of the essay is to analyze the relation of ethos,pathos and logos in the modern business communication process. The criticalapplicability of the three different appeals has to be analyzed in the digital age of thecommunication process.The structure of the essay includes the definition of ethos, pathos and logos. Theimportance and applicability has to be analyzed, as this will help in understanding thepopularity of these in the digitization era.Ethos is defined as the ethical approach that means to convince the audiencesabout the credibility of the author. The authors will use the ethos in showing theaudiences about the credible source used by him and worth listening as well. Thedevelopment of the ethos is done by choosing a language that is apt for the audiencesas well as the topic. This means choosing proper level of vocabulary wherein theauthors will make themselves sound fair as well as unbiased(Ghaisaset al.2017).Pathos is the emotional appeal wherein the audiences are persuaded byappealing to the emotions. The authors use the pathos in order to invoke sympathy fromthe audiences to make the audiences feel and understand what the authors want themto understand. The other usage of pathos will be inspiring anger from the audiences, asthis will help in receiving prompt reaction. Pathos is the Greek word for experience aswell as suffering and the words pathetic and empathy has been generated from theword pathos(Charlandet al.2017).Logos is defined as the means for convincing the audiences with the usage ofreason as well as logic. Logos has been derived from the Greek word that means“Word” that helps in analyzing that the inward thought has been expressed and theword logic is derived from logos. The logos are initially developed with the usage of
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