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Essay WritingIt is not an easy task to write essay as it requires a lot of effort, time, knowlegde, etc. There aresome rules which make it difficult to write a good essay. The first and formost thing is that theessay should have a clear message so that the reader can easily understand the purpose of theessay. Some of the basic rules which make it difficult to write a good essay are the following; theopening paragraph of the paper should clearly describe what the writer is going to discuss in theessay, the essay should be organized in such a way that can cover a set of list of subtopics whichhelp in supporting the thesis statement, paragraph should be started with a opening sentence inorder to explain what the paragraph is going to discuss, a transition between the paragraphshould be created so that one paragraph follows from the next, if novel terms or jargons are beingused in the essay, the writer should explain those terms, etc.Apart from the rules, there are differnet forms of essay which also make it very tough to write agood essay such as Argumentative Essay, Narrative Essay, Expository Essay, Descriptive Essay,etc. It is important to understand how to write each form of the essay so that effective essay canbe written. This paper will help you understanding what is Arguementative Essay, and how agood Argumentative Essay can be written.What is an Argumentative Essay?An Argumentative Essay is one of the types of essay which cover arguments about both positiveas well as negative side of the concerned issue. Both the side such as positive as well as negativeside of the issue can be presented in the essay equally balanced. However, it is not alwaysnecessary to both sides will be presented equally balanced. Sometimes, one side of the issue isemphasized more than the other side. It depends on the author of the essay. If the writer support
the positive side of the issue he or she may emphasize the positive side more than the negativeside and vice-versa. Under argumentative essay the author tries to convince the readers to acceptthe arguement made in the essay. The author also convince the readers to switch to the side ofthe author on the concern issue. But it is also necessary to support either positive side or negativeside of the issue with facts in order to convince the readers. So, apart from facts there are somerules of writing a good argumentative essay which the author should keep in mind while writingthe essay. The first thing is that the author should select a topic which has more than one clearside. If the topic of the essay has only one side, it cannot be used to write Argumentative Essay.After selecting the topic for the essay, it is necessary to identify, collect, as well as evaluaterelevant and credible sources in order to support the evidence. There are four main parts of anArgumentative Essay such as a compelling argument, a clear stance on the issue, evidence tosupport the claim, an unbiased and solid counter-argument. Here is an example of ArgumentativeEssay which will help you to get an idea to write an effective essay.Argumentative Essay ExampleIt is always easy to understand with the help of an example. Therefore, an example has beenpresented here to help you understand the essay writing.School should switch to the electronic textbooks from real textbookReal text books are made up of hundreds of pieces of paper. Making a real textbook comprises ofhundreds of paper is costly and it is also harmful to the environment. Electronic textbooks do notrequire piece of paper and it also does not affect the environment. Therefore, switching to theelectronic textbook from the real textbook is an ideal step and hence the colleges should focus onswitching to the electronic textbooks. Nowadays, electronic textbooks are widely available on
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