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Implementation of Evidence: Article

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Everything you need to know about the Final AssignmentOverviewYour assignment should encompass the following sections:1.Acontentspage2.Anintroduction- give a brief comment on the overall principles of researchevidence based practice and identify why research is relevant to your clincal practice.Discuss the different types of evidence and levels of evidence.Detail how the essay will be structured and an outline of the points to beaddressed.3.Themain body(sometimes called'discussion') of the assignment should include twocritiques of the two articles you have retrieved for the module.The implementation of the evidence discussed in the articles andidentification of factors / agencies which may influence the implementationof evidence into practice should also be discussed.Your main body should be developed using the marking criteria stated below.4.Aconclusionis a summary of the key points that you have raised within the essayand demonstrates that you have explored the topic as set out in the introduction.5.Appendices- if used6.Areference list: there is a requirement for students to refer to literature other thanthe three articles being appraised. Your topic articles should also be referenced inyour final reference list.7.Abibliographyif applicable but not essential8.An electronic copy should be submitted to via the Drop box in Moodle by thesubmission date9.Citation Method: References must be cited using the accepted format. For guidanceplease locate the followinglink: do I do Next?Use this Unit to help plan your assignment. As you develop your assignment keep referring back tothis Unit as it will give you clear guidance about what is expected from you.Everything you need to know about the Final AssignmentSection 1: PREBP
Examine the Relationship between the Research Process and Development of Evidence for Practice(This aspect of the Assignment is worth 35% of the total mark)You should consider the content of your essay using the following headings as guidance - but notethat you donotneed to use the headings in your final paper.'a . Discusses different types of evidence,levels of evidence and importance of evidence for practice.'This part should identify the various ‘sources of evidence’ that may be used to inform practice andwhat is generally considered to be ‘best’ evidence. When writing this part of the assignment try toensure that you acknowledge why evidence is important for clinical practice and try to indicate howgood quality evidence can be generated.'b. Demonstrates awareness of research process'You should acknowledge the systematic approach which characterizes research.'c. Discusses dissemination (i.e. organizations and agencies responsible for dissemination) andbarriers to implementation of evidence.'In this section you should identify some of the mechanisms, regulations, policies and/ or behavioursthat encourage or cause barriers to the implementation of evidence. You will need to refer to nationalagencies and/ or organisations that facilitate the implementation of good evidence into practice as wellas local strategies. Organisational, cultural and / or attitudinal behaviours which enhance or impedethe implementation of EBP should also be acknowledged.Everything you need to know about the Final AssignmentSection 1: PREBPMarking CriteriaThe table below shows how marks are allocated for this assignment - please bear this in mind whenyou are structuring your essayResearch & Evidence Based Practice (35%)Examine the Relationship between theResearch Process and Development of Evidence for PracticeDiscusses different types of evidence, levels ofevidence and importance of evidence for practice.Demonstrates awareness of research process.Discusses dissemination (i.e. organisations and agencies responsible for dissemination) and barriers toimplementation ofevidence.Current literature is used to support discussionrelated to the topic
Research Critiques (50%)Appraise Different Types of Evidence andEvaluate it’s Appropriateness for Implementation in PracticeProvides a critique of two articlescorrectly identifying the type of evidence.Evaluation of each paper with a focus on its methodology including research design, data collection tools,samplingmethods and approach to analysis.Current literature is used to supportdiscussion related to the topicReferencing & Presentation (10%)Assignment presented in accordance with University GuidelinesReference to appropriate literature to supportassignmentLogical, sequencing of assignmentAccurate Grammarand SpellingAccurate referencing (Harvard system)Adheres to word limit.N.B. More than 10% over will incur a penalty of 10% of the awarded mark being deducted.This increases as theamount word count increases (see Programme Handbook for full details)Evidence of online participation (5%)Provides evidence of three contributions to online discussion activitiesStudents should demonstrate that they have engagedappropriately with the learning unit and the discussion topicCurrent literature is used to support discussionrelated to the topicEverything you need to know about the Final AssignmentSection 2: CritiquesAppraise Different Types of Evidence and Evaluate it’s Appropriateness for Implementation inPractice (This aspect is worth 50% of the total mark)a. Provides a critique oftwo articlescorrectly identifying the type of evidence.The two articles that you have to focus upon within this assignment are those which you have beengiven.The articles can be retrieved in Unit 2 in Moodle. For each article you must correctlyidentifythe type of research/ evidence which has been presented.
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