How did Europeans and Aborigines interact in different contexts?


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Research Essay Question:1. How did the interactions between Europeans and Aborigines differ in the different contexts of explorationand urban settlement?Marking CriteriaYour ability to develop your analysis in response to the question.Your ability to answer the question in its historical context, and to highlight the debates over interpreting the relevant theme in history.Your work shows evidence of wide research, including the use of relevant primary documents as evidence.Your writing shows that you are critically engaged with a range of ideas and interpretations of the sources.At least 12 appropriate academic,journal article sources in your bibliography(OXFORD REFERENCE STYLE)Your ideas are your own.You show committment to thinking independently.Your awareness of ethics, social responsibility and cultural diversity.ANSWERING THE QUESTION:Many of the questions require you to make up your own mind about key terms. ie. what do we mean by ‘control’? What do we mean by ‘violence’? Defining these terms will be part of your essay.Some of the questions are quite general and you are welcome to choose a couple of incidents, a particular time period or a geographic area on which to focus. However your essay must be historical and deal primarily with the period we are studying in this unit – 1788 until the early twentieth century.‘Agency’ in the context of this unit means the capacity to make choices and/or act

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