Report on Maintenance Plan of Equipment

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe report was developed regarding the maintenance plan of the equipment of the resources. Thepurpose was to ensure that the maintenance and data within the company is being effectively.Moreover, the major goal of the CEO was to ensure that the production cost decreases with theproper maintenance of the equipment.The preparation of Gantt chart has been developed for the maintenance with the time duration of3 months that was allotted to the CEO.PROJECT COMPLETIONProject Completed:yes, according to the plan.Was the project completed as per the plan or were there any considerable changes to theproject scope or schedule? How well was the scope defined?The objectives of the project which were shown in the proposal of project have beenaccomplished without any change to the project scope or schedule. There were some difficultiesin managing the contact with the company on regular basis by the students. As some of themwere part time employed and some of them were full time employed. And this has reduced theability of the scope creep to be enhanced in the procedure. There were some additions to theschedule but this did not changed the scope, rather there were shortfalls in the installation of thedraft in order to be accomplished.There were some minor changes in the schedule because there was the delay in the testing ofequipment and this resulted the change in schedule.How effective was the scope management process?
The project scope was well measured and it has been conserved over the project in order todevelop the effective maintenance system.Was the business value achieved?Business value cannot be judged in a short period of time as the project was done on thequalitative aspects and it included managing and controlling of the equipment. If themanagement will follow all the strategies then it will be able to achieve the business value for alonger period of time.Was the project implemented successfully?The strategies for the effective maintenance system has been implemented successfully and it thecompany will work accordingly for a longer period of time then the motive of the company willalso be achieved.Do you have any specific indicators of success?Yes, there are some specific indicators of success like the damaged tools will be identified, therewill be a reduction in cost of maintenance, elimination of unplanned breakdown, etc. all theseindicators will result in increase in production and return on investment. And this will benefit thecompany for a longer period of time.PROJECT DEVIATIONSAre there any exceptional or significant changes in project scope?There were no such changes or deviations in the scope of the project.
How close was the schedule of a project and estimates of budget to the actual cost of theproject?Students have worked beyond their capability in order to help the CEO to achieve the targetwithin a time period of three months. The project schedule and budget estimate is close to a greatextent. All tasks were matched closely in order to develop an effective maintenance system.PROJECT REVIEWWhat have you learnt from this project?Earlier there was wastage of time in the project by finding what is included in the projectmanagement. There was a one team member only who had some experience in this type ofprojects.Better strategic planning was required and it took time to gather information for the successfulimplementation of the project in order to develop the effective maintenance system to protect theequipment from failure because of wear and tear. Being an individual I have learnt that it is veryimportant for the company to have effective maintenance system as this helps the company tosafeguard the equipment from the failure and this helps in increasing productivity.What you would like to do differently next time?Being an individual, I will hire a project leader who will be having some experience in theproject management. The team approach will be used in order to delegate the authority andresponsibility. And this approach will help in the completion of project in a given time frame.
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