Exploring Risk in Late Modernit (Docx)


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Exploring Risk in Late Modernit
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Anti social behaviourcan be defined as the actionsthat can harm or damage thewell-being of someone. Highcrime can be defined as thecrime which includes bribery,disobey orders, abuse to theauthority. To stop these crimesthe Surveillance can be done,which means that to have aclose observation or we cansay that a close look on thesuspected person or criminal(Aldy, 2014). Due to theincrease in crime andterrorism, some policyconsultants are proposing theincrease in surveillance, so thatthey can have a closeobservation on the suspectedaspects and if they foundanything wrong regarding thatperson, then they can arresthim.In recent year, there aremany initiatives have beentaken to increase in thesurveillance, so that the worldcan be more globalized and itcan be more interconnected.4. Macro financialsurveillance- the financialservices and the fund isincreased so that more andbetter quality of surveillancecan be done which will beeither multilateral or bilateral.This will be helpful inunderstanding the properfinancial growth and also itwill contribute to the financialsector, so that these morefunds and better economy willhelp in investing more amountof money in upgrading thesurveillance which will help inidentifying the culprit or thecriminal very fast. This isbecause we can invest in moreresources and properinvestigation can be done toidentify who is responsible forthe crime. 5. External stability- toassess the external stability canhave major influence on thesurveillance, this will be themain component as theexternal imbalance can affectthe economy globally, and byThe second risk is that,sometimes it became logicaland better to use thissurveillance to monitor thepeople, so that the governmentcan check that they are notbehaving in the wrong way orwe can say in risky way, and ifthey do, they have to face theconsequences of that.Sometimes too much focus onsurveillance can cause theinsecurities. It can happen thatthe more we are trying to focuson the security, the more weare losing the control over it.The main perception is thatrisk can come anytimeanywhere, but the more we aretalking about the risks, themore we are bringinginsecurities and fear intoourself (Monahan and Skeem,2016). Though, we can say thatwe are safe now than we werebefore, but people and thegovernment tend to spendmore time and money onsurveillance equipments which
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These initiatives will includethe external and internalpositions, various legalframework for surveillance,analysis of various risks thatcan occur, the assessment ofthe team members and tostrengthen the financialcondition for the surveillance,and to give very quick and fastresponse for any query oranything which is related tohigh crime or anti-socialbehaviour. Apart from thesesteps, there are some moreinitiatives have been taken,which are imposed to furtherstraighten the implementationin these areas to reform thesurveillance, and they makesure that the surveillance iswell-equipped, so that it canhandle the challenges, whichare increasing in crime, andthis can support the sustainablegrowth in the inter-connectedworld. Further, various factorsby which the surveillance canbe increase so that the worldwill remain safe are1. Interconnections- therethe crime prone country, it willfurther result in increase incrime. Because due to theirexternal instability, the nearbycountries will also face thesame economic problem, andthose countries will not be ableto invest in the propersurveillance tools, andtechniques so this will result inmore crime scenes and anti-social behaviour. Due to theexternal instability, thegovernment will not be able tocontrol the economy, and thiswill result in poverty in thatcountry and those people willsuffer who are having lowincome and they will startdoing crime, and this will notbe good for the well-being ofthe citizens, so it is veryimportant that the externalstability will remain good andthe economic conditions willbe healthy, so that willdecrease the crime rates, aswell as the proper and well-equipped surveillance will beprovided to reduce the crimeand anti-social behaviour.will not reduce the risk. It willremain the same (Crawfordand Evans, 2016). The peopleare getting properemployment, and all thefinancial condition in UK areon stable level, the social net isvery safe, but the risk of ourpersonal information gettingleaked is always there. Due tothis risk, there was a termnamed the “dread factor”(Peeters, 2015), means peopleoften think about such type ofrisks which are not that muchimportant or the leastimportant. But by these type ofrisks, people are becomingmore careful about the risks,and they have now moreknowledge about how tohandle those type of risks.Generally, it happensthat people more focus onthose risks which are deliveredthrough media, or sometimeson the opinion of the experts.Internet is a great medium bywhich we can exchange theinformation, but the news oninternet sometime increases
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