Extension of Time to Reprocess Original Claim- Application

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Added on  2020-02-05

Extension of Time to Reprocess Original Claim- Application

   Added on 2020-02-05

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An application for an extension of time to reprocess the original claimDear Sir, This is to inform you that all reasonable steps to comply with the rule 7.5 have beentaken by me in respect to process the original claim and I have acted for making the application.This decision letter is written for informing that the original claim lodged to the CMMC on3112/2014 has been sent to me without date, reference number, and name of the judge. However,I have appropriated reasonable steps to find out what the decision meant with the worker fromGuildford Citizen Advice Bureau on 17 Feb 2015. I was informed by the CCMCC and theGuildford Cab that no case was lodged with the court, hence, it was far from my ability to checkwhether their decision was reasonable or not. Furthermore, I have emailed to court and asked forsending me explanation what the decision letters means with all case references numbers whichwere given to me. Yet, I have not got any reply from the court side. This was the reason forwhich I have sent Subject Access Request to Salford Money Claim Court in Sept 2015. Inagainst to that request, I was replied that no record existed about me. However, in October 2015I was sent some letters under various reference numbers such as, and on 2 December 2015 theCCMCC has confirmed me that first time that the decision letter was sent without date areference. This is to be bring into your notice that Until 2 December 2015 the CCMCC deniedfor having any case in their record about the decision letter. Your Faithfully, 1
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