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Facilitator Guide Assessment 2022

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Added on  2022-09-16

Facilitator Guide Assessment 2022

   Added on 2022-09-16

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Essential Criteria
You must:
1. Work with the same team as in Assessment Task 1. Review the scenario
for the case study organisation, selected in Assessment Task 1.
2. Reflect on the idea or issue that was raised and researched in
Assessment Task 1 question 11 and write what you will discuss in an
upcoming meeting. Minimum 50 words required
The idea that would be discussed in the next meeting is related to the creativity
in the new marketing venture. The next marketing campaign would be a
mixture of traditional and modern marketing campaigns in an innovative way.
The number of target audience would be increased and the brand recognition
will be boosted through these type of campaigns. The ideas for these type of
mixed ventures in marketing would be discussed in the next meeting.
3. Research the idea or topic. Reflect on and refine the innovative idea and
come up with 2 innovative options to use the idea
1. Innovative options to use idea:
Using social media and traditional advertising mediums together. Inserting
graphics and Modern designing ideas in the traditional marketing.
2. Innovative options to use idea:
Inserting on the spot experience of the coffee tasting in the stores. Special
discounts and coupons for the first time buyers.
4. Plan to present idea to the team in a meeting (Minimum 100 words)
a) How will you present and discuss the idea to the team in a team
The team meeting is one of the most important part of any idea execution. The
first thing is to address all the needs of the company and the team so that they
would show enthusiasm in the creative idea. The initial approach will be to
present the idea of increasing our campaigns and marketing more creatively.
The idea of mixed marketing approach would be presented to the team. After
taking the initial feedback, the team would be asked to present their creative
ideas in the stated objective.
After gathering the ideas, some of the effective ideas would be shortlisted. The
final idea can be the brain child of one member or we can mix ideas to make it
more attractive and efficient. The presentation of the idea can be done verbally
or through the PowerPoint presentations.
Facilitator Guide Assessment 2022_1
b) Select and discuss an activity that will help you to explore, develop
and refine the idea with the team. (Such as brainstorming, mind
mapping, 5-whys or field analysis). Provide the summary of your
chosen activity in the team.
Brainstorming would be the most suitable activity for the idea. Through this
activity, the team members would be able to present their creative ideas and
moderate it according to the marketing goals.
The chosen activity for the brainstorming session would be “Run on Story” each
member of the team would be given the scope to write a sentence about the
execution of the new idea at a time. Then they will pass the paper to the other
person, who will add another sentence to it. This way, the marketing ideas
would be developed by improvising one core idea by different team members.
5. Prepare and write down how will you overcome barriers and objections to
the idea? Hint: use feedback from Task 1 to help you to improve the team
performance. (Minimum 50 words.)
The barriers might happen in the form of communication and leadership
problems. Therefore, the primary objective of the team activities would be
improve the team communication. The team members who have problems in
active communication would get help from their peers. Team engagement
activities can prove effective in this aspect.
6. Arrange a time with the assessor for the team to be observed
while presenting the idea and conduct the activity and follow-up
discussion. Present the idea to the team and encourage
participation and further discussion using the planned activity.
Idea name: mixed marketing campaign
Date of presentation: 20.04.2020 Time: 10.00 am
Presenter: (Student name)
Name of the team members attending the presentation:
George, Joseph, Carolina, Asif
7. Present the idea to the team and encourage participation and
Facilitator Guide Assessment 2022_2
further discussion using the planned activity.
Submit at least 4 presentation slides to present your
ideas. (What are your innovative ideas, how the
innovative ideas are beneficial, how are your innovative
ideas are practical and economical, techniques to
overcome barriers that may arise)
Attach your presentation slides with your assessment.
Observation checklist during the
Did student demonstrate:
Yes No
Techniques for overcoming barriers that may
Use feedback from the team to develop and
refine idea.
Employ communication and resolution
techniques in order to deal with objections and
conflicting points of view.
Facilitator Guide Assessment 2022_3

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