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Factors Affecting Online Shopping Behavior

Added on - 01 Dec 2020

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Factors affecting online shopping intent of BA freshmenResearch ProposalA study on factors affecting online shopping behavior of Banking Academy freshmen1. IntroductionWith the rapid development of the internet, information technology and e-commerceapplications in Vietnam, the form of online shopping has become a habit in the daily life ofeach person.The term “online shopping” is not only close to all people but also is consideredas an indispensable trend in this twenty-first century. Customers choose to shop online as thefirst option for its convenience (as cited in Beauchamp & Ponder, 2010; Colwell et al., 2008;Degeratu et al., 2000; Easterbrook, 1995; Lohse & Spiller, 1998; Moeller et al., 2009;Morganosky & Cude, 2000; Reimers & Clulow, 2009; Tanskanen et al., 2002). Especially,for shopaholics, they do not have to go to distinct physical stores to choose from the itemsavailable there, but instead, they will stay at home and enjoy the comfort with internet-connected devices to order the items they love. Besides, it also contributes to changing therules of worldwide business and consumer behavior. To maintain and develop businessthrough e-commerce, businesses will face several such challenging tasks as how to attractnew users, ways to make customers believe in their products or services and how to makecustomers know their website. Those questions above motivated businesses to need researchon online purchasing behavior to help them seek out appropriate and useful business modelsright in the early stages of operation.2. Problem statement2.1. RationaleVietnam is gradually transforming itself into an industrialized and modernized country in thecontext of the fourth industrial revolution which has been booming, so the development ofonline shopping platforms is supposed necessary to meet consumer demand.In 2015,Vietnam’s media network economy grew by 38%, Google’s Southeast Asia economic report1
Factors affecting online shopping intent of BA freshmensaid it would be valued at 12 billion dollars in the next four years and is predicted to increaseto 43 billion dollars by 2025.University students, who have easy access to the internet topurchase things they want since they are old enough to be self-assertive and self-responsibility for themselves. They are curious, quick-witted and understand thoroughlyabout technology, and also open their mind to new worldwide ideas to adapt to the state-of-the-art environment.Therefore,several online retail models have promoted and expendedtheir business forms in both domestic and international markets to meet the rising demandand, businesses need a system that provides solid information and data to find out theapplication and eye-catching items were impressed them.2.2. ScopeThis study will focus on analyzing factors influencing online buying intention andconcentrate on the main target is the freshmen in Banking Academy because these group ofpeople are relatively free in terms of spending, highly qualified and has a quick grasp oftechnology knowledge. The sources of information and reference will be taken from 2006 to2020.2.3. Research QuestionsWhat are common factors that influence student’s decision of shopping online?"What are student’s opinion towards the benefits of online shopping?“Which categories of items do students buy the most?”.3. ObjectivesAfter answering those questions above, readers can understand the long-term goal of thisresearch:1. To provide a comprehensive evaluation of sources and data were previously published2. Which factors, directly and indirectly, influence the online shopping decisions of BankingAcademy freshmen.2
Factors affecting online shopping intent of BA freshmen3. To help online retailers to direct and reach their online customers, and the results of thisresearch can be selected as reference material for future research projects on the same topic.4. Preliminary Literature ReviewBased on the information related to the topic,despite the shortage of money, studentsbetween 18-30 years old still claim the first position in network usage and has high intentionin purchasing online (Edmunds es al, 2015). Accordingly, businesseshave focused onunderstanding their online shopping intention and since then the research has given 3 majorfactors affecting their shopping intent, including awareness of benefits of e-commerce, webdesign that clearly demonstrates product content and ease of access, interest in discovery(Pavlou & Fygenson, 2006). Thanks to the criteria above, businesses can orient the productswill be traded and the business models. To sum up, although this research still lacksinformation and data about the online shopping intention of Banking Academy freshmen, it isexpected to help readers to understand their behavior and the applications they will choose tobuy and sell the items. The reason why Banking Academy freshmen are the prime target inthis study is that Banking Academy is located on Chua Boc street which is a bustling streetwith the shopping demands of students surrounding here are huge.5. MethodologyThe major method in this study is quantitative research which will be surveyed with thefreshman students at the Banking Academy. A questionnaire was designed which consistedof 12 questions, including eight multiple-choice questions and four ranking questions. Afterthat, 150 first-year students in both inside and outside the International School of Business(ISB) were selected and each of them was given five minutes to fill in his/her answercorresponding to the question anonymously. Originally, the first three questions will aim toknow more about the answerer, and then the subsequent questions will be divided into sub-questions to extract the information about the allure of products and remarkable elements3
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