Final Project for COM 100W: Advocacy Proposal.

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Final Project for COM 100W: Advocacy ProposalCraft a 2,000-word well organized, researched and reasoned essay intended to persuade readersto adopt a specific policy on a topic you select. Your policy proposal must be different from thestatus quo. In other words: don’t argue for something we’re already doing. Your mission is toconvincingly persuade an audience to change the way they act or think about a particular issue.You’ll need to explain what the issue is (the national debt, immigration, Libya, etc.), why thecurrent approach is unsuccessful and why your course of action is the best one available. Pleaseprovide us with relevant and credible evidence from8-10 sources(cited in MLA).Statements of policy are phrased like this: “The United States of Americashouldimmediatelyintervene in Syriabecausethe US has an obligation to help end the human rights abuses andstabilize the Middle East.” Or: “Congressshouldpass a balanced budget amendmentbecauseofour rising debt.” You are advocating a position on an issue. Here are some ideas for gettingstarted:Step 1: Investigate an issue that engages you on some level (personally, intellectually, etc.)Determine the problems associated with this issue. What’s the status quo? What needs tochange? Why?Step 2: Draft a proposal. Offer your statement of policy.Whoshould dowhatbecausewhy.What concrete steps need to be taken? By whom? Why is it important to do so? Howdoes the community (or sub-community) benefit from adopting this new course ofaction?Step 3: Identify who your audience is. This is thewhopart. What agency, country, group orindividual needs to take action? Your argument must engage this audience.Step 4: Construct your argument. Using the researching and outlining methods we discussed inclass, build an argument that will persuade your targeted audience to adopt the proposedcourse of action. Support your ideas with your research.Try to incorporate the various methods and ideas from the previous weeks. But you can approachthis assignment in many ways. Ideally, you should be engaged and passionate about the topic.This will translate onto the page. We’ll be discussing this assignment over the rest of thesemester and you’ll be peer reviewing a draft in the upcoming weeks.
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